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Being constantly surrounded by numbers and logic can be a real pain in the ass. But, your choice to be a programmer, so logistics are an inseparable part of your life. Well, being stuck with numbers might give you a headache and moreover, making errors is a human nature. So, what to do programmers? You guys, know that we love you programmers so much and that’s why we have few solutions for you. As some very generous people have designed few websites, that can turn out a real boon for you programmers. These websites are the must tool for every program, which they can use at the time of crisis. So, let’s look at few websites that a programmer should add into their bookmarks now.

The boon of a programmer’s life!

#Websites that shows a new light. Okay, so if you are stuck in the middle of any project and lost your creative thoughts, then visit these websites:

  • Stack Overflow

    This website contains all your programming related solutions. You can simply search for your question and if you are not satisfied with given answers. Then, simply type your question and within sometime experts will answer your question personally.

  • Quora

    This open sourced community has an answer for every question. As you will get multiple solutions for a single question from the different experts of the field. You can even comment on few more details also.

  • devRant

    This is the place where you can share your stress and rant your stress. So, share your guts on this website for some stress relief.

  • Learn Anything

    This is a cool community of learning new things anything related to programming and related stuff.

#Websites for web designers. If you want to polish your designing skills, then visit these websites now.
  • W3Schools

    This is a nice place for beginners to gather information on web designing. The learning tutorials of W3Schools helps you in designing websites. The beginners can learn HTML, JavaScript, Server Side (PHP, ASP), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and XML from this website.  Well, you can easily learn ropes of web designing from this website.

  • Learn Code Online

    This is a very nice website where you can learn everything about programming while sitting in the comfort of your house. You can learn from the experts and can watch video lessons. The expert staff of LCO publishes useful blogs for the aid of students also. So, you can learn to make website with few video tutorials.

#Amplify your coding skills. If you want to nourish your coding skills and want to improve them, then immediately log onto here.

  • Cave of programming

    An easy way to learn to programme and enhance your skills to optimum level.

  • Codeacademy

    Learn the art of coding interactively that for free of cost.

  • Code Project

    To read the latest article on the development and to also get a solution of many problems.

  • CodeAbbey

    A place where everyone can master programming best place, to begin with, problems that start at the easiest and gradually increase difficulty with each problem.


    This is an interesting place to learn to code by reading other people’s coding. This help in learning new things and learn the method of experts coding.


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