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It’s time to Block Distraction

Well, I’m warning ahead that this blog is going to be loved by parents and their children are going to hate me for that. As I’m going to share steps to block certain distracting websites on the iOS devices like iPhone and iPads. Because sometimes social media or other interesting but adult websites can be very distracting.

So, it’s best to block such websites from your life and do something productive instead of doing meaningless web browsing. But, to be honest guys it’s hard to quit web surfing. It’s hard like quitting smoking, but can be done with the little help. And, in case if you are Apple product users, then you need the help of parental control feature to block distracting websites.

So, if you are a parent or an easily getting distracting person. You need to block some websites in your Safari web browser to be more productive. That’s why follow our step by step tutorial to block websites in your Safari web browser.

Method to block websites in Macbook

Okay, so if you want to block any websites from your Apple computer aka Macbook, then you need to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, open your Mac book and search for the parental control settings from the system preference. If you are getting difficulty in locating parental control settings, then you can use spotlight search.
  • After, that click on the Lock button, here you might need to enter your passcode. Once you entered a password, click on Web tab.
  • Then you have two options to block websites. The first option saying “Try to limit access to adult websites automatically”. As the name suggests by clicking this option all the adult websites will be automatically blocked by the Safari web browser.
  • But, if you want to manually select website URL to block, then click on the customized option. After clicking on Customize option, you will see two sections here, “Always allow these websites” and “Never allow these websites.” You have to add website URL under the second head and by saving it, the access to that website will be blocked in your Safari web browser.

Method to block website in iPhone and iPad

Well, if you are using iPhone and iPad, then the steps to block website are going to be the bit different for you. Your method to get rid of unwanted websites will be:

  • You need to open the Settings on your iPhone or iPad, then go to General.
  • Here scroll down and tap on the Restrictions, where you might have to enter your password again.
  • Tap on Web sites and select Limit Adult Content.
  • Here you can add every URL or website that you want to block manually on your iPhone and iPad. And, after that click on save and now no one can access that website ever on the device.

Now, that’s it folks, go and block certain distracting websites from your iOS devices right away. And, apart from spending time on the internet do something meaningful in the life.

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