Breakthrough Technologies of 2018 That Should Be Always Remembered


Well, as we all know that 2018 has completed its journey and leave us on the threshold of 2019. However, the year 2018 has been a very competent and accomplished year in many ways. Especially, in the sector of new technologies inventions, this year has scored various goals. So, as the year has completed it’s journey successfully but has left us with plenty of good technological inventions, thus let’s focus on technologies of 2018.

Technologies of 2018 are going to be the base of the upcoming years’ technologies which are going to be the step of our innovative future. So, let’s don’t waste time further and check out the technologies of 2018 list.

#1. 3D Metal Printing

We all are addicted to the ease of metal printing on our demand and planning different prototypes anytime we want. Advances in the technology mean that instant metal fabrication is quickly becoming a reality, which clearly opens a new world of possibilities. The dynamic ability to create an interesting metal structure on demand is challenging as well as revolutionary. The 3D metal printer is one of the coolest technologies of 2018.

#2. Artificial Embryos

For the very first time in the history of scientific researches, an artificial embryo-like structure has been created solely from the stem cells without the help of any sperm or eggs. This research will help in unfolding different secrets of human evolution and formation which is both dangerous as well as innovative invention. If in the future, the artificial human race has been developed, then its whole credit goes to the technologies of 2018.

#3. Sensing Cities

At Toronto’s Waterfront district, Google’s parent company, Alphabet has implemented sensors and tracks in the whole area to understand how to build, run and live in the cities. The main motive behind this research is to develop the smart cities in a better way and more power with the latest technologies. This project is complete yet, however it will help in developing safe and more development smart cities in the future.

#4. Cloud-based AI services

The big names of the technology sector like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have taken the step to include AI to the cloud base technology. This will make the process of learning and adopting the machine learning and artificial intelligence easier for everyone. The availability of AI tools to everyone would make the machine learning easier for everybody. This will change everything from manufacturing to logistics, making AI far cheaper and easier for businesses to deploy.

#5. Babel Fish earbuds

This is the epic earbuds named after the science-fiction comedy concept introduced by Douglas Adams in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. These earbuds receive the signals from the instant online translation and make it possible for the wearer of earbuds to communicate in two different languages. This means that using these earbuds you can communicate with another person without even knowing their language. Now, how cool is this, however technology in its very beginning phase, but will surely be one of the dynamic technologies of 2018.

#6. Perfecting Online Privacy

Blockchain-based technology system has made it possible to validate and record while protecting the privacy of the information and identities underlying the exchange of information. This means that sharing and allocating personal information has become more secure. Now, private information can be shared without disclosing the identity of the person. Blockchain has been one of the ruling and most developed technologies of 2018.

Apart from these six power-packed technologies of 2018, there are numerous other technology-based inventions have been developed during the previous year. So, be proud of the last and pray for the new dynamic technological inventions which will be part of the upcoming years.

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