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Mobile Device Management

Today in all the workplaces, the daily office work is handled with the help of smart devices. All the emailing, management, employees performance etc, tasks are done in a digital way. Which is highly important to work effortlessly in trending work environment.

But, this digital office management has arisen the issue of proper mobile device management aka MDM. MDM means the authentic method of managing, tracking, sorting and securing all the office devices. Well, this study further takes us to the point that what kind of mobile devices are accurate for a moderate business environment.

Normally, businesses can select between Windows, Android, iOS and Linux mobile devices. But, according to the data today, 40% of business owners rely on Apple devices to connect their employees. So, that’s why we will discuss the MDM software for iPhones, iPads, and Mac books.

Perfect MDM Software For Apple Gadgets – Bushel

bushelSo, if you have installed Apple devices in your workplace to enhance the performance of your employees. Then, you need the tool like Bushel to manage all your expensive Apple devices. Because, trust us guys, managing your business devices is a very crucial matter.

A bushel is a perfect solution for all the Apple devices and their accurate management. It is developed by JAMF Software, creators of IT solutions for the Apple platform. This software has numerous features that can easily sort out all your work devices in the desired manner. Such as:


  • Easy Configuration


This software always you to easily configure all the devices of the company for quick and prompt action. That means you can install apps, configure company emails, enable access to company Wi-Fis, and much more over the air using a centralized interface. This means you can easily sync all your business emails remotely without even connecting with your employees’ smart gadgets.


  • Air WiFi


Now, don’t need to change your WiFi settings after few days. As with Bushel you can configure your WiFi settings also and only enables your employees to access the business WiFi. This feature has resolved numerous IT department’s issues.


  • Templates Sharing


Bushel enables you to develop and deploy different templates. The different templates related work can be easily shared with Bushels nomenclature. You can easily share Sales templates with the IT team using this software or vise versa. Whole sharing templates things became very easy with Bushel.


  • Helps With BYOD Policy


Well, some organizations follow the “bring your own device” policy, where employees have to use their own devices at work. Bushel open enrollment method allows employees to easily synch with the other company devices and receive company emails.


  • High Security


With Bushel, you can set strong passwords on your devices and secure them from prying eyes. But, if in any adverse case, you lost your device, then don’t need to panic. As by using bushel remote wipe feature, you can remove all the vital information from your devices.

Bushel Is The Best

Okay, so business owners, you can easily secure your all Apple devices using the Bushel. You can take benefits of this software in mere $2 per device monthly rate. Or if you are a small business organization then you can use services of Bushel free for up to 3 devices. So, fellas, for secure operations you should invest in MDM today.

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