Build Password Cracking Machine Using 5 GPU: Installation Process



Okay, so welcome back readers, as we have already studied the tools required to build the password cracking machine. So, we are assuming, you are now thrilled to know the next assembling process. That’s why let’s don’t waste any time and start the installation process of the monstrous machine.

First, in the installation process, we have to assemble all the tools to the rig. Such as:

  • First, you have to assemble motherboard with the CPU and RAM.
  • Next, install the PSU and screw motherboard with the rig.
  • Now, install CPU fan and hard drive, and make sure that power switch and all the other wires are connected properly.
  • It right time to connect motherboard with the power wire.
  • Check manual carefully and install power switch.
  • Important note, do not install GPU yet.

Essential Driver and Tools

Okay, so to actually make the machine functional we have to install numerous drivers in it. These drivers will help the machine to produce the desired result. So, to operate a powerful password cracking machine, you required the following drivers.

VGA Card Driver.

First, you need the driver for VGA Card. For this browse to and make sure that the Graphics Card tab is selected then from the family drop-down menu, select the 10 series.

OS Driver.

Next, you will be required an operating system and for that, you can use Windows 10. You can easily get Windows 10 executables from anywhere.

Latest BIOS Update.

For your motherboard, you have to check the latest BIOS update. Just search this from your browser and always install latest BIOS update for the proper functioning of the motherboard. You can download latest BIOS update online and then don’t forget to save them in the USB drive.

Hardware Drivers.

Here we are giving you heads up that hardware drivers can be sometimes hard nail to crack. So, it might be possible that your motherboard CD won’t help you in installing drivers. In that case, you can use a tool called 3DP NET, you will need this application to install the drivers for the network card offline.

BIOS Configuration

So, the BIOS update that you have already saved in the system is going to be installed now. First, you have to boot the system and trust us from now onwards patience is going to be a virtue. Well, here we are assuming that you geeks are familiar with boot process and can perform it without any hitch.

So, as your system is now booted, insert the USB drive and install BIOS update. Guys, before running the Windows operating system, we have to make some changes in the settings of BIOS update, that’s why hit F7 button and change following settings:

  • First, change setting PEG0 and the Second one PEG1 from AUTO to GEN1.
  • Also, change the last setting to enable 4 GB crypto.
  • You can go to the Integrated Peripherals settings and change the Audio Controller as you won’t need it for this type of machine. But, this isn’t mandatory, if you want you can keep the setting active.
  • Now, go to the IO configuration and disable the Serial COM port 0 configs.
  • Do same with the parallel LPT port also.
  • Lastly, you have to configure Windows settings. So, if you are using Windows 10 as per our suggestion, then disable Windows 7 settings.

Okay, so now you are all ready to reboot. Simply accept your changes and start the reboot process.

Windows Login

If you have successfully completed the reboot process and logged into the Windows, then give yourself a tap. And, install all your network drivers and also make sure that all drivers are going to work with the Driver manager of your computer. You should clean your drivers without any warning message.

GPU Installation

So, yeah, now you can install the first GPU. Well, hold your horses a little and make sure that all the following things are properly fixed.

  • The power adapter is connected on top of the rig and PCI-E riser on the bottom.
  • Next, you have to fix GPU on the top of the rig.
  • Now, unplug the HDMI cable from the built-in card and plug it into this GPU card.
  • And, don’t forget to connect the USB adapter from the Riser to the PCI-E slot on the Motherboard.
  • Lastly, make sure that all the drivers are installed and your VGA Card is completing fine.

Now, you have two options in front of you, either install one GPU at the time of install four GPU together. As we have said, you need to be patient, then install one GPU at a time.

Install Hashcat & AfterBurner Settings

So, now you just have to browse hashcat and download it. And, make sure to include following AfterBurner Settings and don’t try to overuse them.

  • Set the Power limit to 100
  • The Core Clock to 100
  • And the Memory clock to 400

Ta, Ta, Da, the monstrous password cracking machine is ready to use. We hope you enjoy this article as we have totally enjoyed it sharing with you.

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