Can Big Data be used for Employees Well Being?


Employees Well Being Can Be Improved With Big Data

employee well beingThe core element of the successful organization is their employees. If the employees are consistent, works hard and deliver work on right time, then no one beat that organization. That’s why companies to attain success and growth especially in production based companies, they have to invest both time and money in the well being of their employees.

According to data collected by Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016, 2.9 million reports of employees injuries are recorded during the work. This data is very low because half of the employees won’t file the injury report to their superiors. Moreover, apart from the serious injury cases 12.5 million anxiety and depression cases of the employees have been also recorded.

So, employees well being are important for the companies as their workflow depend upon them. That’s why big data is introduced in keeping the record of the health index of the employees. The utilization of big data in the well being of employees has left some good and few little bad impacts on the employees. So, let’s see whether big data is good for employees or not.

Points In The Favor of Data Utilization For Employees Well Being

Employees Can Get Healthier Together.

Well, if the proper health index of the employee’s health is maintained, then this way the health of the employees can be improved by using collective methods. As numerous employees might have a similar problem such as alcohol addiction.

So, this way management can organize special programs for those employees and help them in becoming healthier. Moreover, employees can help each other also.

Save Company’s Cost.

When an employ fell sick and doesn’t report for the work, then his workload is distributed to other employees. And, for which company has to pay extra wages to the other employees and sometimes even have to pay overtime wages. This causes an increase in the cost of production. So, keeping a record of the employee’s health can save a lot of the cost of production.

Points Against The Utilization of Data To Monitor Employees Health

Employees Feel Discriminated.

Some companies keep a record of their female employees to check whether they are pregnant or not. Now, that is a discriminatory act which is solely focused on females. And, it is also seen that numerous companies fires or demote their female employees when they get pregnant.

This is a both morally and ethically wrong act, as data should be used in lieu to help the pregnant employees and plan them the schedule of their maternity leave. Instead of making their life harder.

Fear of Data Collection.

Sometimes employees hesitate to share their personal health information due to the sworn of confidently. So, they don’t offer consent for data collection, in this situation company should tell them the benefits of collecting data and should provide them a full guarantee of the confidentiality.

Ethics Are Required For Big Data Collection

Well, you see employees, problems related to big data utilization for the employees’ health can be easily sorted out using little moral values and ethics. But, the benefit seen after this in the health of your employ and company is ebonics.

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