5 Useful Hidden Features of Gmail Android app


Well, we can’t deny today one fact that everyone today has a Gmail email account. Gmail has given so many good features and security features to the web users that they are looking forward to using it. If you are using the Android device, then you must know that Gmail android app isn’t bad to use, but it can be bit shock for you if you have been using other email service provider before.

How to Design Dynamic Android and iOS Apps Using Flutter: Part 5


Flutter Code Base III So, readers, first of all, thanks for showering us with your love and appreciation. And, welcome to the last part of the Flutter series. In the previous parts, we have covered basic characteristics of Flutter, it’s benefits and how it is useful for the Android and web developers. So, in this last part, we will wrap up the series by sharing the similarities of Flutter with...

How to Design Dynamic Android and iOS Apps Using Flutter: Part 3


Flutter Code World Well, readers, now activate the coding corner of your mind as in the third part of the Flutter series, we will be talking about the codes. It is said that to start a new journey of any programming language, it is better to start the learning journey of that programming language from the basic “Hello World” Code of that language. So, let’s start Flutter code journey from its...

How to Design Dynamic Android and iOS Apps Using Flutter: Part 2


Flutter Architect Well, in the previous part of the Flutter series, we have discussed the basic introduction of the platform plus its few features and benefits. Previously, we wrapped around the topic of the programming language of Flutter called Dart. So, if you haven’t used Dart ever, then don’t worry as it’s very easy to adopt the language. You can easily get the grasp of the Dart with the...

How to Design Dynamic Android and iOS Apps Using Flutter: Part  1


Introducing Flutter If you are an aspiring mobile app developer, then this How to use flutter guide is for you. Well, Flutter is a free and open source platform that helps in creating native interface Android and iOS apps. This open sourced platform is created to offer a satisfying experience to the mobile app developers on different platforms. Flutter has been selling big time because of its two...

It’s Important To Test Your Android Apps


Word On Android Testing “Android” is an operating software which has slowly captured the whole smart device industry. Today, if you are not using the iOS or Windows operating systems, then you are indeed using an Android os. More than half of the smart devices industry is ruled by the Android. Nowadays, Android has become more than an operating system, it has become the mean of accomplishing...

Top Free Resources To Learn Android Development


Resources for Android Developers Well, if you are looking for your next career move, then you can try your luck as an Android apps developer. Due to the high demand in the Android apps industry, the developers have a high scope in this sector. Today, good Android developers can easily earn between ₹300000-400000 per month. Now that’s a good pay scale. However, if you are confused about where to...

Is it Good to Abuse Kotlin Extension Functions


How we are Abusing Kotlin Well, sometimes we humans have a tendency to abuse some things in the context of full filling our bad habits. A simpler example of that would be, we cover our bad habit of eating sugar with the justification of doing exercise. Which is not at all right to eat more sugar because you have done some exercise. So, getting back on the topic, we human took the aid of one good...

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