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Bitcoins and Blockchain can be Useful for Small Businesses


Impact of Bitcoin & Blockchain on Small Business Recently, the news channels are swamped with the news about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Numerous good and bad news on both technologies have been circulating in the media. Some people think this technology as a revolutionary step towards the digital era and some believe it as an artificial bubble which will burst soon. Well, every...

Some Common Tools and Tricks Used by Unethical Hacking


Tools of Unethical Hackers Unethical hacking is a legal offense, but that hasn’t stopped hackers from transparency your personal information and using it for their own benefits. If you have been taking precautions regarding the cyber security of your company or personal profile. Then, that’s a great thing, but people these hackers are super smart. As they have already figured out the...

Alert! Hackers are Using Google Search Engine to Transparency your Life


Google Search Engine Is Hackers Next Favorite Tool
Well, there isn’t any doubt that Google Search Engine is the king of all the other search engines available out there. There are numerous search engines available these days, but 30 million people daily trust Google to search for information. That’s because Google offers dynamic search results plus the best web crawling service.

Best Password Manager for Linux & Android: KeePass


What is a Password Manager?

Today our life is secured with the help of 8 letters combination of numerical and alphabets digits only. From social media account to work computer desktop, all our digital data is secured with the same set of keywords. Which is so wrong on the security levels. But, remembering different combinations of words on daily basis isn’t an easy task either.

Best Free VPN Service Providers on All Leading Platforms


A good VPN can be a virtue Well, if your day starts with browsing on the internet and ends as the same way. Then, my friend, you must be tired of browsing all the local websites by now. ┬áBut, due to location issues, you can’t get access to all those entertaining foreign nation sites. So, what to do? Shift to the US for watching latest shows on Hulu or Netflix. No, guys, you don’t have...

Dark Web- Hidden World of the Internet


What is a Dark Web? Today all our activities from buying stuff to interacting with someone or searching any information involves the internet. So, you might be thinking that you are fully aware of the web world and have practically explored everything on the internet. But, let me reveal this shocking fact to you all that we are only using 4% of the internet.   Yep, Google, Yahoo and etc...

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