Giant Penetration Testing Cheat Sheet for Linux Commands – I


Well, if you have learned different programming languages, then after one time you start to feel confused between different syntax codes. You might miss the syntax of one programming language with another and increase your workload. However, remembering the Linux commands might be easy, but when so many different things are going in your mind, then remembering Linux commands can become a tiresome...

Wonderful And Interesting Facts Regarding The Github


Github – A Home of Developers
Github is the perfect friendly platform where you can share your new incentive codes with your friends, colleagues, classmates. And, if you want complete stranger can appreciate your cool. For the interrupted experience of this sharing, Github provides the environment where with the help of different features and task control panels this task is achieved.

Become a Linux power user


Getting your hands dirty  :: Understanding Linux is very essential, as almost 79% of total servers in the world reply on Linux that’s make it the most used server operating system in the world .There is whole list of reasons why we use it , we are not gonna discuss that but instead let’s understand what basic set of skills do we need to become a Linux power user with some simple...

Working with RPM and DEB


This article cover all the basics of Redhat package manager and debian package manager .This  article is comprised of two sections Working with Red hat packge manager Working with Debian package manager Note : there are many other package manager’s available in market today some are distribution specific and other are general covering all PM’s is beyond the scope of this article ,this...

Why Linux is different from other operating systems


History of Linux Before getting into any comparison let’s first have a look on how everything got evolved,Many people think that Linus torvalds created linux which is true but not the whole truth Linus torvalds has designed its kernel not the whole operating system ,the first version of kernel is 1991 but the utilities portion of the operating system was already existed at that time which...

The must-have Amazing Linux Apps


Features loaded free Linux apps In the ever-growing popularity of open source operating system Linux, it’s amazing free apps plays a vital role. There are numerous reasons present that motivate you to use Linux, but the major reason would be the features loaded and almost free apps of the Linux distributions. Linux app market has catered the needs of all their users and launched plenty of...

Top 10 Lucrative uses of Linux


Super Uses of Linux
Okay, so hello my dear Windows users, well if you are using PC, then it is always assumed that you are a Windows user. But, this phenomenon is frequently changing with the more utilization of Linux system.

7 Uncommon and Unknown Facts about Linux


Do you know Linux?
Linux or some might recognize as GNU, is a super cool operating system. The system is inspired by the UNIX and has gained a huge fan following for itself. The giant fans of Linux include Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon, and numerous other big names.

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