Is it safe to say that YouTube has a tendency to beat the Google as Search Engine?


Ultimate Battle of Search Engines: Google vs YouTube
Well, web search engines are the ultimate solution to our every problem. Whenever we have any query we immediately ask the Google or YouTube. Both, these search engines are equally popular among the users nowadays. But, still, both can’t be equally better so there has to be some difference between both of them.

YouTube Video Strategy for B2B Companies


B2B Companies New Growth Strategy In past few years trends of undertaking business activities has dramatically changed. Especially, in the sector of B2B trade, where generating online traffic is a very hard process. The companies have been using social media, blog posts and SEO methods to boost their business. But, recently with the overflowing competition in the industry, these methods are not...

Top 5 Programming languages to Learn in 2018


Program up 2018

A new year is approaching very fast, so instead of wishing our readers Happy New year, we are going to make their year happy. We are going to make your year happy by providing you tips to a fastly grow your career. A new year is all about technology and programming. So, it would be best learn new programming languages to grow your career even more.

10 Life Changing YouTube Hacks


Time to trick YouTube: YouTube is the ultimate destination of all cool, informational, funny and viral videos. It is a part of our life and answers to our any problem. With the one click, we can view a dancing video of Justine Beiber to the latest news report. So, long story short, after Google YouTube is the next place where we search for solutions. We all use YouTube today for our different...

Top 5 Tech YouTubers You Must Follow!


Go viral with the YouTube: With the epidemic growth of the smartphone utilization and more availability of the internet services, the trend of going viral by using the plenty of social media tools has been in full swing. Especially in the India where every new trend is adapted very fast. Nowadays to showcase their talent and let the world know about their programming skills technology geeks are...

What is SSL and how to install SSL


What is https? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is an advanced and secure version of http protocol. Whenever you try to open a webpage like or, you make a request to a server. This request transmission happens over http protocol. This request when leaves your browser and reaches to the server can be intercepted as it is traveling in clear text format. In early days...

Why is youtube not a preferred choice to learn to program online?


Preface: The computerisation is the new trend of every office and works place, so it is becoming essential for the people to learn the basic computer programming languages to stay connected with the trend. But numerous people complaints that they don’t have time to attend classes in their busy schedule and more over programming languages such as JAVA, C, C++  are not taught in any college...

Remember these 3 key points to crack your programming interview in the first shot


If you are someone who is going to appear for an Interview for a programming job, there are certain things you can take notes of and keep them as a personal guide to crack the interview. There are certain mistakes which programmers tends to make while appearing for an interview even after a depth knowledge in writing a code. Sell yourself with knowledge but in a good box. What I mean here is...

How to think like a programmer


How to think like a programmer ? NOTE: All text written by AI and AI is not that smart. Instead of reading text, watch video Hey there every one, hitesh back again with another video here and if you read the comment in here that says how to think like a programmer make a video on that and at first I thought it’s not all but after I just say oh my god that’s a good topic and at first...

How much important is design for programmers 😃


How much important is design for programmers 😃 NOTE: All text written by AI and that is not so good. Please watch video instead Hey there, hitesh here back again with another video and in today is video I want to talk about design. so I got started as a backend developer or more over the scripting guy and I was not one of the best guys in designing neither I did have I been any knowledge in the...

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