Chatbots Can Make Your Office Life Easier


Today, because of monotonous work routine employees feel less creative and innovative. According to statistics, almost 80% of people spend their workday on zero value activities. The solution to this boring work culture is to incorporate chatbots.

Yep, by merging chatbots technology with your boring office work, you can preserve the creativity of your employees and can use it on important tasks. You can use chatbots to perform plenty of lethargic tasks of your companies. The chatbots can help you in the following ways;

#1. Managing Meeting or Events

This technology can help you out in managing the following stuff;

  • Scheduling meetings
  • Preparing meetings
  • Sending meeting alerts to attendees
  • Collecting post-event feedback
  • Recapping meetings

Planning meetings process includes plenty of minor and time-consuming steps. Such as scheduling meeting according to attendees schedule, checking the availability of meeting rooms and sending notifications. These tasks can be easily managed by chatbots.

For example, Meekan and Meeting Bot available in Slacks are smartly designed to analyze Google calendars and find a time slot for all the team members. Once the meeting agenda is set, Meekan retires from work while Meeting Bot continues to work. Its work involves sending invites to all attendees and keeping meeting schedule on track.

Slack bots like GeekBot, DailyBooth or Standup Alice are created for asynchronous standups and can be especially useful for distributed teams working across time zones. These simple tools reach every team member in a custom format and then forward answer to a company via email. However, when you have to manage meetings on a large scale, then event chatbots like Eventumbot is useful. This bot is connected with Facebook Messager and Slack. This AI keeps attendees informed about schedules, basic events and other last minute changes.

#2. Tracking Work

Chatbot can guide you through following work tracking areas;

  • Task management
  • Planning work schedule
  • Time recording
  • Managing leaves of employees
  • Reporting

This AI robot can’t replace the managers, but they can indeed reduce the workload to boost their productivity. Such as, Slack Teamline bot helps in creating tasks, allocating a task to team members, developing a checklist and sending reminders before the due date. This smart tool offers a free package to small companies for free, however, the enterprise costs $1999 per month.

#3. HR Administration

The tasks handled by chatbots in HR admin sector;

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Maintaining team satisfaction level
  • Handle management related queries

Last year, cosmetic brand L’Oreal has introduced a new recruiter, Mya chatbot. This digital tool has to improve the experience of the job and enhance the productivity of already working recruiters. Averagely, 2 million applicants submit their applications to L’Oreal each year, and the company only hires 5000 people yearly. So, Mya handles all the early stages of recruitment like answering candidates queries, assessing their CVs and shortlisting candidates against the company’s requirements list.

HR chatbots are useful for the recruitment process as well as handles repetitive tasks. Companies like Coca-Cola, Axis Bank, and other large companies are using AI technology to answer repetitive queries like the policy, vacations, sick leaves, etc.,

Chatbots are Developing

One can customize chatbots in any way to accommodate their needs. The digital managers have already proven their worth in searching, filtering and recording areas. It is expected in the future chatbots will improve their efficiency and adopt new skills. There are some fears that chatbots might take over human jobs, but in reality, AI will generate more jobs.

So, it is indeed an interesting idea to include chatbots in your future business plans.

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