Why ‘cloud computing’ is termed as ‘cloud computing’?


What does cloud storage mean?

Well, in the computer terminology numerous common words are used, but their meaning is changed in the computer world. The biggest example of this can be “cloud storage”, for any amateur this the place of storing in the clouds. Well, which is somehow true but it has slightly different meaning in the tech world. Cloud storage is a remote space for storing your important files, images, and videos for the further utilization. The cloud storage is provided by the numerous companies nowadays and their motive behind this service is to offer an alternative platform to the users to securely save the backup of their data. With the cloud storage, users can easily access their data anywhere and anytime on their laptops, phones, tablets, and iPods at one time.

Cloud storage works on very simple principle as the information in the Facebook and website you recently visited saved on your system. To opt the cloud storage service user need to make an account with the service providing company and the company will provide them the remote space to store their data. It’s like a bank locker system, where the user has its own key and can whenever add or delete the data from it. The companies like Amazon and Google provides the free cloud storage services to the users, but there are some other companies available who offer paid cloud storage services.

How does term Cloud computing coin?

To better understand the term cloud storage, we need to visit the few past events of the nineties. In the early nineties, Computer scientists and engineers needed some way in their diagrams and slide shows to refer to “the network,” that big grouping of computers and storage devices out there somewhere. ┬áIn short, they need some word to call the problem of other user solved by them and they find out word “cloud” appropriate for it. one of the earliest uses of that idea in this diagram from US Patent 5,485,455, “Network having secure fast packet switching and guaranteed quality of service,” filed in the January of 1994.

Thus this terminology got very popular in the course of time and the networks, servers, and data centers which were located remotely to solve the problem of other persons started to call as the “cloud computing”. A Compaq document from 1996 was probably the first time the term was used in any kind of official capacity, reports the Technology Review. But the term really caught on when Amazon Web Services launched its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in 2006.

Amazon EC2 basically sells virtual servers to other companies – the very definition of “somebody else’s problem.” Other companies caught on and started offering software (like Salesforce), storage (like Box), or a mix of the two (like Microsoft Office 365) from their own data centers to companies who don’t really care where it comes from.


The term cloud computing has enriched the history of formulation behind it and this term is being used frequently used nowadays. From single entrepreneur holders to the big corporation houses this terminology has its space and the awareness of cloud storage is increasing rapidly nowadays as more people are getting familiar with its benefits.

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