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Freelancing is the new path which people are following these days. In this they are free to work according to their own terms and conditions, the people who are bored of their strict office routine can work independently as a freelancer. But working as a freelancer is not easy and 50% of the freelancers fail badly in it. The freelance working required very efficiency and knowledge, but there are not many sources available to learn the ropes of freelance work and due to lack of knowledge numerous freelancers doesn’t stand a day light.

Numerous talented people are nowadays working freelance, such as painters, writers, software engineers etc. Every freelance work steam has its own challenges and difficulties, but today to assist freelancers we are going to lay down the concluded main reasons behind their downfall so that you won’t fail because of some simple reasons which can be easily resolved.

Major Reasons Behind Downfall of Freelancers!

  1. Lack to Organize work.
    When you are working for an employer your whole work routine is designed by the employer. There is the proper time to start and end work and all days work is assigned to you which you have to do in the day. But in freelance, no such organized work is presented on your desk. You need to yourself organize the daily work and also held targets to achieve it. So, plenty of freelancers fail to organize the work and this results in a huge mess of work. Well, don’t worry freelancers as there are very good apps available which can help you to organize work, such as Invoicing software called FreshBooks streamlines one major freelance headache, and there are some great time management tools such as TeuxDeux. RescueTime very usefully lets you analyze how you spend your time on the computer.
  2.  Fails to create an own brand.
    As a freelancer person need to sell himself and he or she must be able to convince other people about the uniqueness of their services. They need to create an impressive portfolio to attract the new clients and while working on the assignments, freelancers continuously need to search new and better job opportunities also. So, numerous freelancers fail because they can’t multi task frequently and get stressed easily. The freelancer is an individual brand name and he should behave like one to succeed.
  3. No proper ability to set hourly rate.
    On a regular job, the person received the fixed amount pay check at the end of the month, but freelance career person needs to decide its own hourly rate according to the work and the time it takes. And plenty of freelancers failed to set the accurate hourly rate, which suits both them and their employer. This cause is the major failure of the freelancer’s career.
  4. Unwilling to change.
    The freelance is a flexible job and freelancer should be flexible and ready to adapt any circumstances. As the freelancer, you have to chase the work, because it won’t always come to your door, and that means keeping up with trends and making sure you’re ahead of them. The word “trusted” is sneakily hiding in the phrase “tried and trusted”. So, to stay up with the trend you need follow like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter on regular basis.

Overall freelancing is a very emerging career choice and allows you to work as you please. It just required little practice and organization to boom your freelance career.

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