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Getting familiar with PHP

PHP is a very complexed scripting language used by web developers. This language has remodeled the outlook of the web designing and since 1995, when this language was first introduced, the web development has achieved many difficult coding systems and tremendous development in the field can be seen. PHP frameworks meet the demand for a structured way of development and having knowledge of proper PHP frameworks is very vital for web developers.

Learning and using PHP frameworks in the website development has plenty of benefits. The PHP framework will speed up the whole process of the project. It also provides scalability, help for write a well-organized, structured and reusable code for a project. This is server sending object oriented language, so it enhances the performance of the project. To achieve the benefits of PHP numerous types of frameworks are available and the success of any project depends on the selection of PHP frameworks. So, here we are going to enlist few very popular and used PHP frameworks to enhance the success rate of your dynamic project.


The first PHP framework which has been running dynamically in the market would definitely be LARAVEL PHP FRAMEWORK. The Laravel PHP framework was just launched in 2011, but yet in short term, it has developed a strong fan base. According to Sitepoint’s recent survey showed it is the most popular framework of 2015. Because of stunning features Laravel as made its own ecosystem. Laravel has its own lightweight templating engine called “Blade”, elegant syntax that facilitates tasks you perform frequently: authentication, sessions, queueing, caching and RESTful routing. Laravel has its own development environment called “Homestead”. Right Laravel is top on the chart of PHP frameworks.


This PHP framework is famous for its numerous components and the all components of Symfony PHP framework are reusable. The components of Symfony let’s user to perform functions such as creation, object configuration, routing, authentication, templating, and many others. Moreover, Symfony has a very nice community which is always ready to help and on the website of Symfony you view the samples of the project created by this PHP framework. The famous components of the Symfony 2 framework are used by many awesome projects such as the Drupal 8 CMS, or the phpBB forum software, and Laravel.


This PHP framework is very light weighted and simple to use. The installation of Codeigniter PHP framework is very easy as it doesn’t involve too many configurations. This ten-year-old PHP framework is the best choice if you want to avoid PHP version conflicts. One can also add third-party plugins if you need more complex functionalities.


This is the new creative solution for developers and can be used by high performing read only web sites. The Phpixie is new independent framework launched in 2012. This is highly independent as it works without an actual framework. According to the claims of Phpixie developers, one can learn it in half hour. This framework can standard ORM (object-relational mapping), caching, input validation, authentication and authorization capabilities. Phpixie can also use as HMVL markup language also.


These are the few interesting PHP frameworks available and by understanding their work profile, I hope you guys have drawn the comparison between them and ready to select your PHP framework. To learn PHP, start with Learn Code Online.

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