Complete Guide to Web Scraping!


What the hell is Web Scrapping?

Well, now that would be the question of our readers. Many people might be familiar with this term but still, it is new for numerous people. So, guys, in highly simple words Web Scrapping means extracting meaningful data from any website. Yep, it is just a fancy term used to describe the process of retrieving data. In Web Scrapping data of similar nature is gathered from different sources.

Let me draw an example to make you better understand. Suppose, you need data on the scores of cricket players who play in ODI matches for a sports company. Then this process of retrieve data for the company is known as Web Scrapping. Simple right, but this process is gaining very vital position in today’s business sector. As everyone requires valuable data to stay in business nowadays.

Living Example of Web Scraping!

In today’s ever-competitive environment, it is a very vital to always have right data at your disposal. And, the biggest success story of Web Scrapping would be Google. Yep, Google got the title of no. 1 all because of having access to right data. As Google uses Web Scrapping to pull data from your website and arrange it in Google Sheets. Which ultimately makes the Google No. 1 search engine.

We can do plenty of things from web scrapping plus it has numerous benefits. Large and small companies both always requires meaningful data to sustain. That’s why new job field as Web Scraper is very much in demand. So, if you are fascinated with the Web Scrapping and ready to try it. Then without wasting any more time let me present you some cool Web Scrapping tools.

Curative Web Scrapping tools are as:

  • Well, lovely professional programmers who are familiar with the tweaks of data programming can use these tools.
  • Goutte web scrapper: This is very dynamic library designed for the PHP users to easily scrap some data.
  • Ultimate Web Scrapper: Another easy library for PHP folks. It also has an inbuilt TagFilter feature that is easy to parse HTML.
  • Other web scrapers: Guzzle, Requests, HttpFull etc.
  • Beautiful Soup: ┬áBeautiful Soup is for pulling data out of HTML and XML file. As it is simple & efficient.
  • Requests: It is an elegant yet power packed HTTP for Python fans.
  • Other web scrapers: lxml, Scrapy etc.
  • If you are not that expert in programming, then don’t feel low as we have some suggestion for you as well.
  • OutWit Hub: OutWit Hub is a firefox addon. It automatically browses through pages and collects information that you needed.
  • Web Scaper: This is dynamic chrome extension for the new users. You can easily get scrapped data in CVS files for future reference.
  • This is a yet another cool scraper but it is paid. So, if you are ready to spend few bucks then is very nice web scrapping tool.
  • Other Web scrapers for non-programmers: Dexi (paid), WebHouse (paid) etc.

Well, these are few of numerous web scrapers available in the market. So, explore the market little, before selecting your web scraping tool.

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