Constructive and Meaningful uses of Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality’s Scope Beyond Gaming

Virtual Reality is today everywhere and particularly gaming industry is seeing lots of the VR technology dosage. Well, the VR technology is so cool and revolutionary that everyone gets fascinated with its tricks. It is a nice thing and scope of VR based technology is assumed to be overpowering in the near future.

But, is this revolutionary and epic technology only going to be limited to the gaming sectors and entertainment industries. Well, that will be a shame because VR technology has so much potential. If it is utilized in the right direction, the outcomes will be very blasting.

Well, VR great potential can be used in multiple ways. But, currently the VR technology has been helping numerous industry fields also and the end result which they produce is truly amazing. Don’t trust us? Then, check out yourself the super solid uses of Virtual Reality and its impact on our lives.

  1. Military Training & Creating Battlefields

military training vrThe military is very important part of the security of the nation, thus proper high tech training of the soldiers is essential. But, to provide the optimum level of training to the soldier’s lots of resources are required and the hefty sum is spent in creating mock battlefields.

But, with the involvement of VR technology in the military training, this cost has reduced very much. Now, soldiers are trained virtually, like dealing with lethal explosives or grenades, teaching emergency medical treatment or flying fighter plain etc. All these military training stuff can be easily taught soldiers virtually and plenty of resources can be preserved.

  1. Treatment of PTSD

The life of a soldier is very hard and they have to face numerous harsh moments during their service. And, that’s why the problem of post-traumatic service disorders are very common in servicemen or women. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, between 11 and 20 percent of veterans serving in the second Iraq War (2001-2014) have suffered from PTSD in a given year.

In this situation, VR can be very helpful. By using this technology, the patient is taken back to the traumatic situations and in the controlled situation, their problem is resolved. This has helped numerous servicemen in overcoming their traumatic service experiences.

  1. Education

Well, that’s a pretty common use of the VR, but if we use VR smartly than it has a great impact in the education sector. Because it has been already proven that visual graphical features stay more intact in the human brain. That’s why visual education leaves a greater impact on the young student’s mind.

Apart from lower level studies, VR has been very rapidly used in the higher educations. Like, doctors are virtually performing surgeries these days before actually treating the patient.

  1. Nuclear Training

Dealing with nuclear stuff and training the amateur for nuclear work is always dangerous. So, to provide a secure environment for the nuclear training the Los Alamos National Laboratory located in New Mexico has designed a program called VISIBLE (Virtual Simulation Baseline Experience). To provide nuclear training to the people virtually.

VR has been easing out numerous problems and providing a better platform to learn. So, we can only say, Virtual Reality Rocks!

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