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Perfect Technical interview

Participating and conducting an interview is a very fine task. If the person who is participating in the job interview is important. Then the person who is conducting the interview has even major importance. Especially, when the interview is about hiring a programmer or a technical assistance. Because every organization wants a perfect technical person for the job. It is neck to impossible for an interview conductor to judge the technical skills of a person in few minutes.

In big companies, the duty of hiring a new staff is assigned to HR head and it’s his responsibility to conduct the interview. It is hard for interview conductor to select the person on the basis of few questions and certifications. As the whole process of interviewing is also very time to consume and economical for the company. So, they always desire to select a perfect candidate in one take. But, how?

Well, to answer this big how, we conjugated few points for the interview conductor of a technical staff. The person can follow these few tipsy tips to conduct a dynamic interview and select a right candidate.

Amazing tips for holding a technical job interview!

#1. Held interview immediately. Okay, so the foremost important tip is to schedule an interview as soon as possible. If you received an application that suits your requirements list, then don’t waste time and schedule interview immediately. As there isn’t any intelligence in waiting further, because if the candidate is talented then other companies are ready to hire him. So, don’t let your chance slid and schedule an interview soon.
#2. Define your requirements. You as an interview conductor need to be clear about your requirements. You need to be clear about which technology trained person you want and what will be the dynamics of hiring. If you are not clear about your wants, then you won’t be able to hire the right candidate. Because, if your requirement is a web developer, then what will you get from interviewing a programmer.  So, straight up your preference needs.
#3. Prepare for an interview prior. Not only the candidates, but interview conductor should need to prepare for an interview prior. You need to style your questions perfectly so that you can easily examine the candidate. As making a person nervous isn’t the job of interview conductor. Your job is to make other people feel relax and comfortable. In lieu to prepare for the interview you need to follow these steps:
  • Manage your interview topics, such as if you are interviewing a C# developer, then your topic be Concepts, Design Patterns, .NET Framework, C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, WCF, Web API, etc.
  • Ask each question in chronological order.
  • Don’t ask unimportant questions.
  • Never ask for coding test.
#4. Train yourself. Yep, it is important to get yourself trained before conducting the interview. As it requires some skills to judge the candidates and their performance in one interview. That’s why first of all learn some basic stuff about interview conducting.


Like, as I mentioned in the beginning that interviewing is a difficult task. So, you need to manage every phase of the interview very crucially. Manage your every step with proper strategy as future of a person lies in your hands.

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