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Apart from your bank account and online shopping account, you have to pay some attention to your social media account security as well. Your social media account has a big threat from malware and adware infections these days. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts are an open platform for cybercriminals.

The damage caused to your social media handle can damage your personal as well as professional life. We daily hear news of celebrities social media accounts getting hacked, but this can happen to anybody. So, if you are a big-time Twitter addict and actively sharing your tweets, then we have some security and privacy tips for you. By following these Twitter security tips, you can secure your account tightly.

#1. Set strong password

The fundamental step to secure your Twitter account is to set a strong password. The strong password has to be based on following do’s and don’ts.


  • Your password should at least has 10 characters as the longer password is secure password.
  • It should be compressed of both alpha and numeric characters.
  • One should set a separate password for different sites.


  • Your password should never consist of your personal information like name, DOB, etc.,
  • It shouldn’t contain sequenced keyword characters like qwerty.

#2. Use SMS Two Factors Authentication

The two factors authentication feature will add an extra layer of security to your Twitter account. It means that anyone who endeavors to log in to their account handle would require to register unique key sent on their mobile number. The user who has access to the password and one-time code can only successfully log in to their account.

#3. Always use correct domain

There are plenty of phishing sites available who often display fake login pages and tricks into disclosing their details. Users are recommended to check the URL before entering their credentials. A genuine URL should always read as or or

#4. Login from new devices

Whenever you login into your Twitter account from a new device, you will receive an email notification regarding that. It is an extra feature which Twitter uses to confirm the logged in user. The users who are logging in using the incognito mode, they will receive alerts every time they attempt to access their account.

#5. Never asks password

The one more thing that you always remember that Twitter never asks for any login detail or download from a non-Twitter website. So, you should never open any email which you are doubtful about. If you forget your Twitter password, then you have to consider with the official website of Twitter to reset link.

#6. Evaluates link

It is often seen that Twitter users post shortened links and URLs to make things simpler for them. But, while shortening links users can create confusion and make it hard for them to tell where the link goes to.

#7. Update email address

Whenever you change your Twitter account email address, you will receive a notification on the previously registered email address. You have to make sure to that email when you receive to maintain proper security.

If you follow these security tips, then you can protect your Twitter account from hackers and scammers to some extents. But, you have to be always alert as hackers are ready to exploit your any vulnerabilities.

Be alert, Be save!

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