Crucial Features That Should Be Considered During Android App Development


The important factor that accelerates web traffic is the dynamic features of your mobile app. The live example of this is the Android platform which has the hold of 85.9% on the global market. Last year, Google has announced that over 2 million monthly active Android users are present in the geographic location like Asia, large parts of Europe and South America.

Android apps are present on the top downloading charts in every category like social media, messaging, e-commerce, etc., That’s why it’s more important for Android developers to focus on the functionality and features of their apps as competition is high in the market. They have to pay attention to the smallest of details to beat the competition. Plus Android app development keeps on renewing and new things are being introduced in it. So, when you are designing your Android app, then try to keep the following features alive in your app.

#1. Simple & User-Friendly Interface

You must include simplicity in your Android app development process. You should ensure that the app can be easily understood by the users. Even the new user can operate your app with ease. This factor should never leave your mind that users only take a few minutes to make a good or bad impression about your app. So, it is highly important to create a simple user interface while developing the wireframes for your app.

#2. Incorporate Enterprise App Features

The Enterprise mobile app development has gained pace in the recent few years and since it offers a number of venerable advantages, the organizations are gradually showing their intent towards it. One of its coolest features is that it gives better communication between employees and other teams. Moreover, it also focuses on giving solid security which will keep your data safe.

They also provide messaging and chat-based features which help employees in conducting smooth communication. These apps also have features like CRM, ERP, and SAP integration.

#3. Registration Page has to be Simple

Most of the apps are designed in a manner where the user has to login using their email or mobile numbers. If you have a similar kind of app, then in your Android app development try to keep the registration page simple. The users get easily irritated with the difficult or lengthy registration process.

#4. Get User Feedback

You have to include proper space in your app where your user can leave their valuable feedback. You have to encourage your users to leave or send feedback on your app either via a comment or by rating your app on the Google Play Store. The more feedback you get means that more potential users will use your app. This important part of your job as a developer to regularly monitor the performance of your app. Moreover, it considered as a good positive initiative.

#5. Fast App

The biggest reason behind most of the Android app development failures is the slow loading speed of the app. The user always wants a quick and responsive app so that they can enjoy all the features smoothly. You need to keep the performance of your app on the top priorities list. It has to be ensured that the loading time and speed of your should not exceed 10 seconds. The app needs to be highly responsive as well as function well whenever your user taps over it either day or night.

If you want to create a rocking Android app, then these five features need to be present in your app at any cost.

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