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Hello, students, if you have been learning programming languages from the LearnCodeOnline online and offline courses. Then, by now you know that learning codes involve lots of patience, dedication and hard work. To learn code like a pro, you have to study and practice very hard.

Well, our experts at the LearnCodeOnline try their level best to simplify the learning process for you all. But, still, for our online boot camp students and students of our Jaipur institute, we have enlisted a few quick tips to make them learn to programme efficiently and effectively.

  1.    Play with your codes along the learning process

So, you have read a new programming code today and found it very easy. That’s why you didn’t pay attention to practicing that code because it was too easy for you. But, dear, here you have done the biggest mistake. As when you are looking at a code, then it seems simple and easy. But, when you try to include the syntax in your project, then you will understand that the code wasn’t as simple as it seems.

So, the tip here would be it doesn’t matter how simple or difficult your code is if you won’t practice them. Then, you won’t get to implement it on the actual project. That’s why design your mock project while learning courses to learn actual implementation. As sometimes codes react differently in the practical world.

  1.    Clear your basics first

Well, let’s take an example of learning spellings, if you are not familiar with the sounds of each syllable, then how can you form words. Similarly, if your basic foundation of the programming languages isn’t clear, then how come you learn the advanced programming courses.  

So, at LearnCodeOnline, we always recommend our students to clear their basic principles of the programming languages. Going hastily over the beginner’s course is never good for your future. Because the basic foundation of all the programs is the same. That’s why never rush over learning basic concepts as this is the fundaments of the programming languages.

  1.    Do your codes with hands

Well, you have a nice laptop and programming software installed on your laptop. But, we will still recommend you to do your coding work with the hands. Learning codes through the old method of blackboard and paper is always a nice way to cram all the important notes.

Because it is a scientifically proven fact that the notes which we write with our own hands save more quickly in our human mind than the digitally taken notes. Moreover, for your university or college exam you have to write codes with the hands, so learning them this way will be helpful in your actual exams.

  1.    Ask for help

Okay, dear, you have to put your big ego on the side and ask for help if you got stuck somewhere. There is no harm in asking for help from your fellow students, teachers, and seniors if you cannot find a solution to the problem. As sometimes finding your own mistake in the long code becomes one hell of the problem. So, taking help from the other people might be very useful in this kind of struggling situation.

  1.    Study material online

Today we live in the world of Google where anything can be accessed with one click of the finger. So, if you are not able to get desired information from your study material. Then, you can go online and search for the new study references. The online resources to learn computer programming are endless, and there’s always a Reddit post, youtube tutorial, or blog explanation that will make the material-at-hand crystal clear.

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