Dark Web- Hidden World of the Internet


What is a Dark Web?

Today all our activities from buying stuff to interacting with someone or searching any information involves the internet. So, you might be thinking that you are fully aware of the web world and have practically explored everything on the internet. But, let me reveal this shocking fact to you all that we are only using 4% of the internet.


Yep, Google, Yahoo and etc stuff only covers 4% of the web world. As rest, 96% of the web is untainted and far from common men’s reach. That leftover chunky part of the internet is connoted as Dark Web. The dark web has all the stuff like selling online drugs, pornography, hacking and other illegal stuff. It is forbidden to visit these dark websites and illegal in numerous countries including India.

Apart, from few antisocial activities, these dark websites are very useful. Some might argue with me on this point, but if you use it carefully and with the right attention. Then you can make a decent income from them. As there is numerous scope present on these websites. So, getting acquiescent with this darker part of the web is very essential.

How does Dark Web works?

The dark web works totally different than our usual websites. You can’t access the dark websites with your normal web browsers like Google Chrome. To visit these sites special web browser named Tor is required and only this browser can open forbidden world to you. Moreover, an extension of dark websites is also different. The .onion highly encrypted domain name is used for dark websites.

So, by now if you are excited to enter the forbidden world of dark web. Then my friend you need special assistance for this as you can’t simply login into a darker world. To enter the darker web you required following things.

  • Firstly, you need a secured VPN service that can protect your identity. As this side of the web isn’t saved and lots of hackers are lurking around every corner of the dark web. So, to secure your personal information and data, secured VPN service is vital. The most recommended secured VPN service provider is IP Vanish, Nord VPN, Strong VPN, HideMyIP, Cactus VPN, Kepard VPN and HideIPVPN.
  • Secondly, you need to download Tor web browser for save and secure login to the dark web. Note that always download Tor from the official website as there are numerous duplicate web browsers are also roaming on the web.
  • After securely installing the setup of Tor web browser you need to close all your apps and start crawling into a dark web. To search the dark websites you can use GRAM search engine. It is similar to Google but specially designed for the dark web.

Crawl to Dark Web but securely

Well, guys, this side of the web is hidden and illegal due to some reasons. So, you can’t just log in to it. You have to pay special attention towards security while visiting dark websites. Like, cover your microphone and camera before visiting dark websites or never use your personal details. So, guys if you are using dark websites for good work like project search, then good. But, if your intentions are bad, then eyes of police are watching you. So, only enter dark web if it’s very necessary and, you got your intentions right!

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