Darker Impacts of Redesigning Website


Not Every Change Is Good

You might have heard that change is necessary and required for the passage of time. So, to adopt the new changes and add some cool elements to websites, numerous successful business website owners revamp their site design. The website owners redesign their website according to modern style to generate more traffic and to increase the current number of followers.

But, not every change in the design of website turns out productive. As numerous successful websites lost their business due to the change in their design. The revamping has destroyed plenty of successfully running online businesses. So, what does it mean, that redesigning website is a bad idea and no one should do that?

Well, no guys, refreshing your website with new and improved methods aren’t bad at all. On the contrary, it means that you are following latest trends and paying attention towards your user’s needs. But, while planning the redesigning process of your site few important points need to be put under consideration. The three main points that you need to put in front of your line of vision while redesigning website are mentioned ahead.

  • Missing Redirects

This is the main fall out which plenty of people commit while redesigning their website. They won’t add new redirects to the page and this results in the drop down of traffic drastically. The redirects are the pathway of your web pages and ignoring them can cause major loss. Unless you keep all of your URLs exactly the same and recreate each of your old pages on your new site, then you won’t suffer from this problem.

But, if you have changed the URL of the website and has shifted it to the new location, then redirects are necessary. If you are not sure whether you are suffering from this issue or not. Then, you can check it over the Google’s Search Console, then go to Crawl > Crawl Errors and select the “Not Found” tab. Here you will get information on missing redirects websites. And, with help of 301 redirects, you can insert redirects to all your websites and start getting regular traffic again.

  • Site Structure

Well, if in redesigning process you have changed the structure of your website, then this is likely to affect your Google indexing. You might lose your Google rank in this process. To avoid this you need to create a new sitemap and submit it to the search console for proper indexing. Make sure to add external links presents on your website to include them in the sitemap for better Google indexing.

  • Site Copy

If your pages are no longer written in a way that includes the keywords they originally ranked for, your rankings will suffer for those keywords. As Google works on the particular algorithm and if your website doesn’t use it in the manner it is registered. Then, Google will not show your website with the keywords search.

So, to avoid this problem take the advice of the experienced SEO experts. Try to refer your old website for the exact usage keywords. By, taking these three tiny points into consideration, you can successfully launch your newly redesigned website.

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