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With our Government digitizing the nation by bringing everyone online, there is a strong need to realise that with more people online, there comes a greater responsibility to keep them safe and secured. But safe from what? Let’s just say, safe from a person who isn’t willing to keep your information private, which you are providing to the this giant internet community. We typically know this person as a hacker. Now, the point is how to keep your information safe? This is actually where the role of a Penetration tester comes into action.

What is Penetration Testing?

Let’s start with understanding the meaning of penetration testing! So, as the name goes by, Penetration means breaking or bypassing a device’s or server’s security measures in order to access its data or to take control of the system and Testing means vulnerability scanning which examines the exposed assets like network, server, applications, etc. So, the testing exposes the real reason why penetration can occur.

What is the role of a penetration Tester?

  • To find bugs in existing software.
  • To determine problems in the hardware and software controls of the machine.
  • Since applications are also developed by humans as well, they are always prone to make leave a loophole. So, testing the applications as they are often avenues of cyber attacks.
  • Testing the existing and upcoming versions of the application update as new update can possibly remove previous vulnerabilities but they might bring some new ones.

Why does IT industry in need for Penetration testers?

The answer is pretty simple, with an advancement in technology, the company information is at stake of getting attacked at every point of time. Every other day, we are able to hear a news regarding an attack on so and so website. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep testing your applications and it is always says that a good hacker becomes a good security expert or vice-a-versa because they are able to understand the thinking and the probable ways to get into a infrastructure. Pentesting is a never ending field and as much as you dig down into the security constraints, the more better you get at learning about it. Penetration testers are also helpful to the programmers in becoming a better programmer as they are the one to remind them of all the possible security bugs they tends to take while writing the code. Writing a secured code is one of the most important aspect of how much secure an application is and how much difficulty a hacker will face to get the source code out.

Future of Penetration testing!

As already discussed regarding the possibilities of increase in vulnerabilities and more attack in near future mainly because of more usage, and more applications, the need of penetration testers is increasing every day. It’s not like somebody can get a top notch position in an industry in the security domain but it guarantees growth if you stick to it. The job of a penetration tester in an organisation is to work like a real world hacker who tried to get into the infrastructure without letting anyone know because ultimately if he can, somebody else definitely will. This is the sole job of a pen testers, to send a report that these are the possible ways to get in and we should fix to get a secure environment.

Like every other security expert, if you aspire to become a security expert you should start your journey with penetration testing. You can find an awesome course on penetration testing from an expert in the domain, a very renowned name in the cyber security field, Hitesh Choudhary. Find the course here : Web Application penetration testing and bug bounty course.

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