Developer Need a Strong Portfolio to Rise in Their Career


Why get a Strong Portfolio?

Okay, so you have learned three amazing full stack programming languages in your recent Bootcamp and have become a self-sufficient developer. But, one second, how are you going to tell this to your future employers as they aren’t going to dream about your skills. So, how can you show them your skills and art of creating codes? The simple answer would be creating a strong portfolio.

What is a Good Portfolio?

First of all, remember that portfolio isn’t resume. The portfolio is a showcase of your skills that you have listed in your resume. It is a tool to showcase your talent to the potential employers so that they can access your skills beforehand. Your strong portfolio is a way of creating a meaningful impact on the mind of your employers. It is like a demo of your skills as a developer to attract the attention of employers and make them excited about YOU.

Elements of A Strong Portfolio

The portfolios can be created in any form and size according to your skills. However, in a strong portfolio of the developer following basic components needs to be incorporated at any cost, so you must include these sections in your portfolio;

Your Intro –

This section talks about you like your name, professional picture, a little description about yourself and hint of your future plans. In resume, you just have to explain in brief about yourself, but in a strong portfolio, you liberty to dive deep into your story. This is an important section to develop your brand as a developer. Try to be innovative and unique in telling your story as a developer so that reader can connect with your story.

Project –

This section is the main reason to create a portfolio, so put your all efforts in making this section cracking. Here, you have to highlight all of your skills that you have listed in your resume in the most significant manner. You have excited your view about your project and to do that you can take the help of witty video demos, creative GIFS or images.

Contact Me –

Every strong portfolio must have a contact me section where a viewer can contact you immediately after viewing your dynamic work. In contact me section, include your email address, contact number, and link to your online resumes on LinkedIn or GitHub, etc,

Extra Elements of Strong Portfolio

Apart from the above-mentioned sections, your portfolio should express your unique style and personality as well. That’s because the portfolio is a good way to demonstrate your style and skills to the strangers. So, add to the above-discussed elements, a strong portfolio of a developer should have;

– Your Portfolio website should have responsive design as people usually tend to open websites on mobiles these days. So, manipulate your media queries and leave a good impression on your future employers.
– Just like your strong portfolio make sure to get the strong URL for your portfolio as well. Keep your portfolio URL professional and try to buy a custom domain for your portfolio.
– Don’t make your portfolio complex by adding multiple pages to it. Just keep it simple and clean so that viewer can check out your portfolio in a couple of clicks.
– If you don’t have the designers eye, or simply don’t want to spend the time hard-coding a portfolio layout – that is okay! There are hundreds of free templates on the web. So, just use the correct templates to make your portfolio super strong and eye soothing.

So, developers to grab the good opportunities for yourself, start building your strong portfolio!

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