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DevOps is not about learning a tool. It's more about learning a lot of skills and tools that help you to do work both on the development side and on the Ops side.


More on DevOps in this Youtube Video

Here are some skills that you can build to enhance your DevOps skills.


  1. Why Linux
  2. Automating Linux Installation using Vagrant and VirtualBox
  3. Linux Directory Structure Explained!
  4. Understanding Linux File Systems - EXT4, XFS, BTRFS
  5. Linux Access Management: Beginner to Advanced
  6. A complete guide to Manage Users and Groups on Linux!
  7. Repository and Package Management on Linux
  8. Networking in Linux
  9. Linux Advanced - Environment Variables in Linux
  10. Linux Advanced - Input Output Redirection and Piping
  11. Linux Advanced - Process Management
  12. Linux Advanced - Job Scheduling
  13. Linux Advanced - How to SECURE your Linux Server!


  1. Introducing Ansible
  2. Why Ansible? A comparative view: Ansible vs Puppet vs Terraform
  3. Deploying Ansible: Step by step Installation on Ubuntu and CentOS using different methods
  4. A deep dive into Ansible Inventories
  5. A complete guide to Ansible Ad hoc Commands
  6. Ansible Playbook Implementation
  7. Everything about Ansible Variables
  8. Ansible Quick Tip: YAML Space indentation settings for VIM editor
  9. Everything about Ansible Loops
  10. Ansible Register Module
  11. Ansible Task Execution Control - Conditional Statements
  12. Everything about Ansible Handlers
  13. Managing File Operations With Ansible
  14. Ansible Roles Simplified
  15. Ansible Vault - Keep Your Secrets Secret!
  16. Everything about Ansible Jinja2 Templating
  17. Ansible Advanced - Speed UP Playbook Run with async and polling
  18. Ansible at Work - Patching Linux Servers


There is a video course on Docker in our library. Docker basics for beginners


  1. Kubernetes!
  2. Kubernetes Cluster Deployment on CentOS Linux
  3. Kubernetes Cluster Deployment on Ubuntu Linux
  4. Kubernetes Core Concepts - Pods
  5. Kubernetes Core Concepts - Namespaces
  6. Kubernetes Core Concepts - Labels, Selectors and Annotations
  7. Kubernetes Core Concepts - Deployments
  8. Kubernetes Core Concepts - ReplicaSets and Replication Controllers
  9. Kubernetes Core Concepts - Services
  10. Kubernetes Scheduling - Node Selectors and Node Affinity
  11. Kubernetes Scheduling - Taints and Tolerations
  12. Kubernetes Scheduling - DaemonSet