Different Sides of Robot Evaluation


A Revolution

Well, the days of heavy and rustic industrial machinery are gone and replaced with the sleek and functional robot. Today, robots are working on the same line as humans and even outpacing in productivity. All the top-notch business industry names are already diving in the robot evaluation and experiencing the success.

The e-commerce king and cloud shark Amazon is already relying on 45,000 robots to pick and pack orders. Calls to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore are fielded by Nadine, a human-like robot programmed to display emotion. Moreover, a San Francisco robotics company Momentum Machines has developed a robot which can prepare 400 burgers in an hour.

According to the statistics, demand and shipment of the robots have been increasing rapidly. This robot evaluation is soon going to engulf the IT industry as well. Robots are soon going to provide secure access, data protection, programming solution to the IT people as robot evaluation is at its prime peak.

Reduced overhead

The complexed Programming has been a big issue for the IT industry which can be overpowered by the robot evaluation. Well, let’s take an example, Praxis Packaging Solution is a contract company which adopts 14 robots under the looming situation of 2% unemployment. CEO of the company has huge faith in the robots and which turns out accurate as today they perform a wide variety of repetitive tasks, from moving cardboard pieces to unpacking boxes.

Create an environment for robots

If you want to reduce your workload with the help of robot evaluation, then you have to give them the proper room to work. IT people need to create the physical space for robots to function properly because their working is different than human employees. Like, installation of small cameras in the workplace from preventing human interfering with the robots. Moreover, there need to be secure locking and unlocking the robots which should be handled by manager only.

Safety concerns

Well, with the strong cameras, passwords and other digital projectors, robots can be easily secured. But, how will you provide the protection to the employees from the 6-foot machine working along with them? So, before installing the robots in the workspace the safety measures for the employees should be done properly. Because today, 80% of the robots are working without any safety net. That’s why before diving into the robot evaluation, consider the safety factor of the human employees as well.

Date regulation

The data generated by the robots in a year can be easily regulated. The robots provide a steady stream of performance and production of data elements which can be easily recorded and later on interrupted by the robots. This automatic data allocation by robots is far more accurate and fast than the humans.

Integrity goals

Apart from the tremendous change in the robot evaluation system, still interacting with the robots isn’t easy for humans. Such as sensors and conveyor belts speak a different language which makes it difficult for them to interact. However, the future goals of the robot scientists are to develop the robots which are easy to interact with.


Today, IT leaders are facing the prime issue of the security risk. For example, surgical robots are nowadays increasingly being used to perform complex surgeries, but researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle managed to hijack a telesurgery robot, deleting and changing the order of commands it was receiving. This is presently the biggest issue for the IT industry.

Well, this is bits and pieces on the robot evaluation, to know more keep on reading and following!

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