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If you are planning to learn a new technology, then the best method to learn is via visual or audio graphics. It is scientifically proven that a person can easily learn and remember new knowledge when he visually experiences it. So, if you want to learn the new technology of automation testing and how different tools work, then you can use video tutorials to grasp this new technology.

There are plenty of different options available today to learn with the help of video tutorials such as YouTube. Various YouTube channels offer free automation testing courses. Apart from that, there are few paid courses sites like Udemy and Coursera are also present. Now, if you are searching for the best source to learn automation testing with the help of video tutorials, then you can use the following sources.

#1. Udemy – Selenium WebDriver Tutorial with Java and Cucumber BDD

This course has been created by Tim Short. It is a basic tutorial which will walk you through the foundation of automation testing. It is approximately 6 hours long tutorial which includes 70 lectures. This course will help you in learning the following things;

  • You can learn real-time automation testing scripts that can be used to test web applications.
  • It will help you in learning how to integrate Selenium with Java.
    You can simulate the behavior of the user to find elements inside a web page.
  • You can develop BDD/ Cucumber terse by using Gherkins.
  • It will guide you through creating custom libraries and solid testing framework
  • With the assistance of multiple browsers, you can automate functions and craft a testing framework.

This course has been adopted by more than 9,000 students and its Udemy rating is 4.3 stars. If you can convince your organization to sponsor your Udemy course with the business account, then you can complete your training for free. However, it is a very affordable course for a price of $11.

#2. G C Reddy Education World

This is a brilliant course with more than 57,000 subscribers. It is a probably best video source for automation testing available on YouTube. G.C. Reddy is a software testing consultant from Hyderabad. He has over 20 years of experience and his YouTube channel covers every detail of automation testing. The tutorials are very interesting and well explained. If you watch the video step by step, then you easily understand the basics of automation. You can even practice your knowledge of real-time projects.

#3. Appium(Latest 1.8.2)-Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch

In this mobile world, with Appium you can learn automation testing framework for hybrid and native mobile applications in iOS and Android. This course designed by Rohit Shetty. It is a 29 hours long training course which has 209 lectures that will guide you in;

  • Testing automatically any applications in mobile operating software like iOS and Android.
  • You can learn the coding standards that will assist you in writing automation scripts in the well-organized format for mobile testing.
  • You will be able to design an automation framework from scratch.
  • You will develop the ability to lead a whole project with the help of clear lectures.
  • You will obtain complete knowledge of the current version of Selenium 3.0.
  • The detailed knowledge of the different Appium components such as Maven, ANT, TestNG, Jenkins, etc.
  • With the advanced reporting tools, you can craft dynamic bug reports.

However, before starting course gather up all the basic knowledge of manual testing. This course is available on Udemy for $11. With this course, you get the facility to conduct instructor if you stuck anywhere.

Well, that will be all, so get up and start learning automation testing with the help of cool video tutorials asap.

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