Different Types of Sudden Ranking Drop and Method to Fix Them


Sudden Ranking Drop Bomb

If the sudden drop in your ranking bomb has blasted on your site, then that’s a big problem. Sometimes your a year old website can suddenly drop in the ranking. There are numerous reasons behind it like the adverse impact of your aggressive SEO strategy, slow the speed of the site or increase in the competition.

There are plenty of reasons behind the dawn fall of your site. But, nothing has still lost people, with the right diagnosis of the problem, you can easily fix the problem of the rank drop. Well, the reasons behind your site can be anything, but we have enlisted a few important problems and the solution to fix them immediately.

So, if your site rank has dropped because of any of the below-mentioned reasons, then you can easily fix it.

#1. Links Manual Action

We can bet that half of your problem can be solved after reading this point. As on the heels of Penguin 4 and its permanent inclusion into the search algorithm. There are two types of link penalty mainly caused, manual action and algorithm. If the cause of the problem is your backlinks, then you have to log in to your webmaster account and have to check your external and internal links to find the fault.

If something is listed manual action, then algorithm on the webmaster, that means you have no problem and move to the next entry. There are plenty of free and paid tools available to help you out in identifying links such as Google Analytics, Majestic SEO, Moz, Cognitive SEO. Using these tools you can locate the irrelevant and spammy link. And, you can request webmaster to remove any faulty link.

#2. Penguin Penalty

This is a penalty imposed by Google to poor backlinking sites, it could be unnatural links. It’s hard to diagnose this penalty as this isn’t actually a penalty, just mere drop in the Google ranking of your site according to the changing algorithm. Recovering from the algorithm penalty isn’t actually recovering, it just means taking preventive measures to improve the SEO and speed of the site.

To diagnose Penguin Penalty, you have to constantly keep a tab on the ranking performance of your site. And, have to take preventive measures immediately, if any reduction in the rank is recorded. For this, the above-mentioned preventive steps can be taken.

#3. On Page Errors

On Page Errors are the most critical one and hard to locate immediately. A sudden explosion of those errors can indicate something broken on your site, while a slow, gradual increase can simply reach critical mass and knock your site down a tier or three without any major change involved. In this case,  you can go to your webmaster and locate the error. There plenty of on page errors are available, but few common ones are 404 links, Extremely slow loading, Broken internal linking, Broken scripts etc.

#4. Temporary Site Down

This is a problem related to the poor web hosting service. Sometimes your web hosting isn’t able to handle the increased traffic and they temporarily shut down your site. Mainly, people site down error is uninhabitable, as sometimes big sites like Google and Amazon fails to invent them.

But, if you are site is frequently suffering down the error, then this can be a huge problem for you. Suppose if Google one day crawl your site and it is down, then Google will note this. And, if after a few days Google again crawls to your site and finds it down, then Google will assume that your site was down all this time. And, Google will immediately remove your site from search results until you keep your act together.

In numerous cases, it hard to find the site down situation, so we recommend you to use some sort of plugin that will notify you whenever your site is down.

#5. Single Keyword Drops

This will be a problem for you if your whole site is based on the single keywords. So, drop in the search rate of that keyword will ultimately reduce the rank of your website. The solution to this problem is very simple, target different keywords related to your niche and always upload fresh content to your website.

So, these are just a few very problems that may reduce your site’s rank. That’s why if you own a website, then watch it like an eagle.

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