Digital Marketing is the Best Buddy of Startups


Start-ups are ruling in the business industry these days, especially in India where start-up culture has just evolved. Every other day, we are hearing the success stories of start-ups and how they have become so popular in such a short story duration of time. So, if you are one aspiring startup entrepreneur and want to make your business successful, then you have to make digital marketing your best buddy.

Yeah, if you truly want to achieve success like Zomato, Uber, Ola, etc., then you have to learn the digital marketing techniques. That’s because if you compile the journey of all the successful startups which we have seen in the past few years, then you will see one common factor. You will note that all these start-ups can use the power of digital media in such a way that they have gained tremendous growth from there.

Not, convinced yet? Well, then let me explain the power of digital marketing in a better way.

Why did Startups need to Invest in Digital Marketing?

#1. Equal opportunity to grow

Okay, for start-ups it is impossible to beat the aggressive marketing strategies followed by the big multinational companies. They can’t use the traditional methods of marketing like establishing a call center or hiring big celebrities for media campaigns. So, here digital marketing comes as a boon for the start-up people because by using the tools offered by DM, they can get the equal right to promote their brand.

This platform gives them the opportunity to stand with the big corporations and promote your business in the same manner as all these multinational companies are doing. In a way, the digital platform isn’t biased, it gives equal opportunity and right to all.

#2. Prompt results

It is a harsh reality that a start-up never has proper resources and funds, sometimes a start-up organization has to survive on limited capital. So, for a startup, every day is a journey to survive in this competitive world. That’s why they want marketing strategies which offer quick results in affordable rates. And, DM exactly offers them that.

According to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report- “Up to 40% of respondents claimed to get considerable savings by using digital marketing methods of promotion for their products and services”.

#3. Direct Interaction with customers

DM gives you the opportunity to interact with potential customers directly with different methods. Whereas big companies spend so much money and time on organizing seminars to interact with their relevant customers. You can do that with the help of a digital marketing strategy is very easy like you can organize webinars, ask for reviews, etc.,

You can even encourage prosecutors to visit your website and view your website. This way your prospective customers can buy from your products and leave a productive review of your products.

#4. Increased ROI

With the DM, you can increase your business return on investment using digital portals. That’s because traditional media and marketing channels are very expensive for startup owners. However, digital marketing tools can offer you the best ROI with their lucrative tools. Such as SMO, SEO, and numerous other content management systems like blogs, e-books, etc.,

So, startup people, if you want to make your business successful and beat the large companies, then you have to do friendship with digital marketing strategies and tools. Well, if you haven’t yet learned curves of DM, then do it today and give your startup wings.

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