Discovering everything about Golang and 10 reasons why it will rise in 2020


I am sure you are filled with questions about Golang and its future. After thousands of blog posts being published about Golang every day, it gets pretty confusing to analyze its capabilities and opportunities. The first thing is to analyze the trend and discussions about Golang. The best way to analyze the trend is Google trends, and here is the Google trends chart about the keyword “Golang.”

This is the chart for the last five years’ trend. Now that we are sure about the popularity. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why Golang is proving itself as the technology of the future.

1. The biggest and the most talked-about reason is that it is made by Google. Google is the most prominent technology conglomerate in the world, and it is natural for any technology built by Google to be endorsed by everyone. 

2. Golang is endorsed by major tech giants in the world, including Google, Youtube, The Economist, Dropbox, Facebook, and thousands of others.

3. Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson are the founders of Golang. All three of them have contributed hugely to the coding world with significant contributions in c, Unix, and others.

4. The code developed in Golang can easily be converted to machine code, a new definition of convenience and innovation.

5. GitHub is a platform that has proved that the power and penetration of any technology are enhanced exponentially with open source codes. Similarly, Golang is open-source in nature, and a vast community of coders is improving the penetration of Golang as we speak.

6. Golang is a cross-platform technology and software solutions built in Goland that can be used in Windows, Unix, and even mobile platforms. This is the most significant update which came in 2015 as you can use the same code to build a mobile application.

7. Golang frameworks are small and can be easily understood by upcoming developers. 

8. Golang is capable of building faster software. The feedback and time to the finished product of Golang are very low compared to other technologies. This saves a lot of time and effort to build projects.

9. Another significant factor about the future of any technology is the organization behind it. Every technology needs upgradation, and when you have a company like Google backing you, you dont have to worry about the fact that it will be able to sustain the future changes.

10. Last but not least, Golang has a garbage collector that helps you maintain memory and build lighter code, directly increasing speed and performance.

I want to conclude by saying that apart from the ones listed above, there are hundreds of other reasons that justify the importance and future of Golang. It is, without any doubt, the technology of the future. With recent updates and developments, Golang will further innovate and disrupt systems.

The best part is that it is also among the most natural coding languages to learn. Spending considerable time in learning Golang can assure you of a bright future, and you will be equipped to build essential software solving modern challenges.

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