What is the time duration of course?

This question comes a lot and due to 2 reason.

  1. Universities are asking to get a certificate for XYZ hours
  2. I want the longest hour possible course.

I really don’t believe in both. I think that course should be as long as it should be to explain the concepts. My usual video length is 12-13 mins but in some cases, it goes to 30-40 mins too, if there is a need. Also, I don’t compete in a market where the highest hour course wins. I don’t need to tell you this that you have already seen enough of courses where people just put old videos to increase course duration. I DON’T DO THAT.

Also, I don’t work for Universities so I don’t follow their rules. Most Universities are going after number of hours while I am going after best of the content. I don’t drag topics and expect concentrated knowledge in my courses.

I totally respect if you disagree with my points.

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