Don’t Be A Fool & Try To Hack Facebook


Have you ever thought of hacking Facebook? Maybe just for fun, but has ever this thought crossed your mind. We can bet, this thought has been cooking up in your brain somewhere and you might have searched on Google “how to hack Facebook?” And, just like the obedient kid, Google had offered you numerous articles and videos on different ways to hack Facebook.

Now, let’s control your fetish hacker side and discuss in this post that why to no hack Facebook. Well, if you are thinking of yourself as a self-proclaimed hacker, then keep one thing straight, hacking Facebook isn’t piece of cake. However, if you are a brilliant hacker as you claim to be and able to hack the server of Facebook and enter its main database, then look behind you as cops are waiting up to arrest you. Hacking Facebook can throw you into a deep legal shit hole from which getting isn’t going to be easy. So, you should not hack Facebook because;

Your Facebook Account Isn’t Your Personal Property

Well, if you think that hacking your Facebook account isn’t going to legally trouble you, then you are wrong. Facebook offers you a platform to connect with your friends and share your thoughts on it. Apart from that, your Facebook account isn’t your integrated property, ever part of your Facebook account is possessed by the Facebook company. So, if you try to hack your personal Facebook account ever, then be ready with your legal team.

Don’t Fall In Trap

If you have searched online methods to hack Facebook, then you have come across numerous websites offering you codes to hack the Facebook. But, don’t fall for them as they will ask to enter your personal information onto the JavaScript console to hack your friend’s Facebook account but instead of hacking them you might end up sharing your account’s login credentials. So, avoid such kind of foolishness.

Phishing Isn’t Allowed Anymore

Phishing is an old method used to hack someone’s Facebook account. In this, a hacker sends the fake Facebook login page link to the victim and once your victim clicks on it boom you can hack them. This method has been used to hack Facebook accounts for a pretty long time now and that’s why today Facebook won’t allow such activities. If you try to send a fake link to someone today, then be ready to get your Facebook account blocked.

Don’t Use Auto Likers

If you have a Facebook page and want to have numerous likes on your page. And, if you are using auto likes to generate likes for your page, then stop using them immediately. As they ask your Facebook credentials on session page to generate likes, but in reality, they are using your Facebook account to do whatever they want. So, for some machine likes, you are compromising your privacy and giving free access to your Facebook account.

Use Security

Facebook now has features like two-factor authentication so that your account is safe and secure. That’s why if someone says to you that he or she can hack Facebook, then just laugh on their joke and move ahead. So, you are totally secured on the security front on your Facebook account.

People, don’t think about hacking Facebook account ever as hacking is illegal and troubling.

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