Don’t Surpass Your Talent: Turn Your Side Project Into Open Source Project


Open Source Is A Profit

Today in the world of web, everything is openly supported and showcased by open source platforms. Like, your editor is open source, your website is hosted by an open server, your mobile phone uses an open source system and even in you’re dismal you consult an open-source encyclopedia.

So, yeah, open source is a hit and can generate you some extra profit. You must be thinking that as a developer I have so much on my plate already and now what the heck is open source. Well, fellas, you are a good developer and your brain is very creative and always filled with new ideas. So, why not convert your side project ideas into open source income generating tool.

Okay, so now we have your attention, developers you have enormous ways to earn some extra brownie points with the open source. Yeah, if you have an idea than immediately open source it and you never know you are sitting on a gold mine.

So, in this post we will focus on the open source and how can you turn your side project into a full-fledged profit earning source with it. Let’s see how can you be a rich.  

#1. Scratch Your Itch

Being a developer, you daily use new tools, new technology and always explore new methods to handle a particular job. Your every project teaches you something new and valuable. And, that’s the beauty of a developers job, that you are constantly growing and learning.

But, some new methods don’t turn out as expected and leaves a dark scar on your career. But, it doesn’t mean that after one failure you stop working, no you should search the reason of your failure and try to rectify it in every possible way.

And, this is called as scratching the itch. Yes, you got a new idea to tackle situation, so try it out. If you fail, then it’s ok, don’t let it affect you. At least you tried and that means everything.

#2. Set A Time Frame

When you got inspired to start a new side project, then don’t delay in implementing it. Immediately grab the required tools and start making the first rusher of your project. But, why hurry?

You must be thinking why to hurry as it is a side project, not your full-time project. Well, now we might sound like philosophical, but people who know the future. You might get busy in the future or the circumstances change, then you might not able to work on your project.

So, don’t let anyone come between you and your itch, not even the time. Give yourself target like week or month and complete your side project in that time frame.

#3. Just Do It

If your project is never enough ready to publish it, then it will never going to be enough. So, stop finding excuse and start publishing your work. Because you will never know the performance of your project until you publish it. As the startup expert says:

If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.

– Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn

Let be other people judge of your project. And, in worst case scenario what will happen, you will get negative feedback and healthy criticism, so suck it up and don’t stop trying in the fear of failure. So, do it and do it now!

#4. You Need Good README

Git, pull requests, issues, wiki, readme, responsibility all sounds very overwhelming. But, to get success you have to play with all of them. We are not saying to jump on all forces together. We recommend to have him README in the beginning.

A Good README will save a lot of pain and provide backup for you. Don’t want to answer questions about how to use your product? Write it in the README. The project still under development and things probably break? Write it in the README.

Kick Start Your Side Project Now

So, developers, now don’t be scared of failure, if you have decent side project idea then just go for it. As your project might not be helpful to the masses, but it will surely help a person. And, that’s all you want in the beginning, so go for it and scratch your itch.

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