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Go which is fondly called as Golang is one of the procedural and structural programming languages with syntax similar to C language. This language offers a rich library, garbage collection and easy to type features. With this language, you will also get key-value maps and length arrays features to perform some advanced level of functions.

Go can be called as the most useful language to create the powerful, performing and scalable programming language to design web applications, API’s, microservices and numerous other distributed services. It is one of the fastest growing programming language as well as the highest paying language of America currently.

History of Golang

Golang was evaluated by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson in 2007 at Google. It was availed to the users in 2009 as an open source programming language. It is mainly designed to overcome the shortcomings of the other languages while keeping their useful features intact. By far language has been twice updated, first in 2012 the Version 1.0 was released and the latest version is 1.11.1 updated in 2018.

Why Use?

Well, the main purpose of creating a Golang language is to eliminate the drawbacks of other programming languages. So, you should use this language because it can eliminate following shortcomings of your favorite programming languages;

  • Python is an easy to use language, but relatively a slow language. That’s because the interrelated language codes make it slow.
  • Java has a very complexed system due to numerous tools and features.
  • C/C++ programming languages were developed when the computer doesn’t have much space. So, the developers decided to compile by using minimal space which results in sluggish compilers.
  • Moreover, all the above-mentioned programming languages were designed when the multi-threading applications were rare, so they are not much effective to highly scalable, concurrent and parallel applications.

However, all these shortcomings of these languages can be handled by Golang. So, if you want to use these dynamic languages to create web or mobile apps, then you need to understand this language for sure.

Fantastic Features of Golang

-1. Strong & Statistical Language

Golang is super strong as well as statistically clear language. It’s a strong trait make sure that once you have created something using the data type, then it will remain the same throughout the process. The statistical feature of the language can be seen from the feature that all the variables are defined at the compile time. So, this is a language with power and brain both.

-2. Powerful Community

If you require any assistance in solving any particular problem in the Golang, then you won’t have to struggle much. That’s because the language has a big and interactive community which always helps their fellow developers when they need.

-3. Quick Compilation

This feature of Golang makes it superior to the Java. The compilation time in Java has been a huge problem due to its complexed system. So, in Go language only that package is used which can be directly compiled to the code are adopted. This eventually quickens the compile time.

-4. Garbage Collection

Garbage collection of the language has been always one of its great features. The automatic garbage collection is very fast in the Golang.

-5. Build in Concurrency

Go has the cool feature of the build in concurrency. Using Go Routines and channels you can handle the concurrency very easily and effectively.

Working with the Go language is very similar to commonly used programming languages. It is highly wase to learn and write codes in this language. Programs in Golang can be written in any of the text editors like Notepad++, gedit etc. or on any of the text-editors.

Overall, Golang is a very new and innovative language which will be seen more in the future. So, if you haven’t tried it out, then you should definitely try this language once.

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