Easy Peasy Way to Trim Video in Windows 10 Without any Software


Art of Trimming Videos

The video is a preserver of your beautiful memories to view and relive them later. Today everyone has smartphones with a high megapixel camera that can record HD quality videos anytime. Moreover, with the help of social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, we can share these videos with anyone. But, sometimes our memories aka videos are bit lengthy and it became difficult to upload them online.

So, in that case, to shorten the duration of your videos, a mighty tool called video trimmer is required. The video trimmer tool can cut the desired portion of video without affecting the original video. So, that the duration of the video became desirable to upload on social media or simply to kept important parts of the video in short clips.

You might find out few millions of video trimming apps on the internet. But, if you are the owner of Windows 10, then my good mate you don’t need to install any of these hefty apps. As with the preinstalled Photo and Video app of Windows 10, you can easily trim your lengthy videos. Yep, with few simple clicks, you can trim any video on your Windows 10 PC.

Well, if you are not aware of this fact and still busy in downloading big video trimming apps. Then check out these super easy steps to trim your latest video without any third party software.

Step 1: Open the folder of the video.

Firstly, you need to open the folder where your video is kept. As directly opening video in the app won’t be any help. So, open the folder containing the desirable video and click right on the video file. A drop-down dialogue box will appear and click on the open with option to open a video with Photo and Video app. This will open the video in a new app instead of Movies & TV with additional controls that you can see in the top right corner of the player.

Step 2: Trim your video.

In the second step, you can start trimming the video by clicking on the trim video option available on the app. The trim icon can locate on the top right corner of the Photo and Video app. Now you have to determine the portion of video which you want to trim. As left slider indication of the starting point of the video and right slider of the end. So, adjust both the sliders according to your desire before trimming video.

Step 3: Save your trimmed video.

Once you are satisfied with the selected duration of the video, then click on the save icon. The save icon is also located at the top right corner. Now give a name to your video and save it in the desired location. And, this new video will not impact your original video in any way.

You see folks, just in three simple steps you can trim your video and upload it to the internet. You can split the video into numerous parts and even can cut your favorite movie’s dialogue to set it as your ringtone. You can play lots of tricks without downloading any software. So, how cool is this now?

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