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Customer Is A King

Today with the advancement in the customer-oriented technology, we can surely justify the fact that “Customer Is Indeed A King”. Well, as the IT industry is now filled the customer’s based tools. Now, if a business ignores the needs or manipulates with the customer, then the end of that business entity in near.

Nowadays, customers have the power of social media and the internet. Where with the help blogs, forums, and social media sites, they can raise their voice and has the power to shake the roots of a business organization. So, in this customer based economy, if your business website isn’t working appropriately or there is a loophole in your web performance strategy.

Then, you can’t see much days in the industry and soon your days will end. Because if we study the prevailing e-commerce market trend of India, then we will see competition is very tight. Suppose, if the customer isn’t satisfied with the services of Amazon.in, then the customer has lots of other options like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra etc.

Well, these are big names, apart from them, numerous e-commerce websites are available in the market. So, if you are also planning to enter the industry, then you need to put your old web performance strategies under the rug and have to opt following new and dynamic web performance strategies.

#1. Customers Like Pace

Well, the research has clearly interpreted that customers conversion is directly related to the web load speed. If your site is fast and makes it quick for customers to the browser, then you will definitely get a number of customers and also have a chance to gain some brownie points in the eyes of the users.

But, it doesn’t matter if your website is very beautifully designed or you are selling something unique. No, if your website takes more than 10 seconds to load, then you are bound to lose some potential and loyal customers. So, now choice is yours either stick with low speed or get some action done by increasing the pace of your website.

#2. Convey Your Message Clearly

What is the purpose of your site? This message should be properly conveyed by your homepage. Use crisp and clear language to convey your central message to your customers. Give your customers clear reason to stick with you. Use large font and simple language, so that customers can easily understand your website’s message.

#3. Give Visitor Reason To Visit Again

Okay, so you got few visitors on your website, good, but this will not be beneficial for your business until the customers won’t buy from your site. And, guys, note that thing, no visitor will buy from your website on their first visit. So, you have to give them reason to come back to your website.

You can provide practical articles, a regularly updated blog, a newsfeed, or other user-generated content to the customers. So, that they visit your site again and again.

#4. Review Your Web Hosting

Your Web Hosting plan needs to be up-to-date because one mistake in your plan and all your hard work go waste. Because your server might be offering unlimited bandwidth, but it doesn’t mean that shared server with the other sites won’t be affecting your site.

So, make sure that all the terms and conditions of your web hosting are updated. And, don’t hesitate to demand 99.9% uptime.

#5. Gather Users Metrics

This is an old saga, but if you are not analyzing the behavior metrics of your customers, then you are indeed leaving some money on the table. So, always analyze behavior metrics of your customers, moreover, nowadays it is easier to analyze the customers’ metrics with the help of numerous tools.

#6. Don’t Go Overboard With Style

Okay, so in the desire of designing stylish website, don’t go overboard with images, third party scripts and style sheets. Because all these stylish features are very heavy and can dramatically slowdowns the speed of your site. As 50% of the e-commerce shoppers like to browse via mobile devices.

According to this slide deck, some of the worst practices are web pages that are initially blank and then populate, pages where the call to action is the last thing to render.

#7. Adopt Cloud-Based Monitoring

From the cost, scalability, efficiency and expansion point of few having cloud-based monitoring system is the best. As it offers freedom to the user to grow their business.

The End

So, yeah, for better results, you have to revive your web performance strategies from time to time. And, have to be innovative in your approach and only then you can drive some customers towards your website.

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