Everybody Needs Little Coding in Their Life


Coding is a computer programming that helps in creating numerous set of instructions called as source code to perform various computer functions. Coding is what makes a website or an app run smoothly. We live in world technology and computer programming is shaping our future. It’s important for everyone to understand computer programming.

So, that they can keep updated and grounded in the technology era. If you don’t agree, then here are the reasons that will tell you how coding will ease out your life.

#1. Coding is Enjoyable

There is no doubt that coding is a fun task. Most of the free and open-sourced websites and applications which we use today are just made out of mere curiosity. For the people who love to create codes are like the artists who love to paint the empty canvas with their creations. The most creative creations of all time are;

Linus Torvalds who invented Linux kernel in 1991. It was a hobby of Linus to create Linux which eventually turns into the significant change in the IT industry. The number of Cloud and Web Servers has Data Center which makes websites accessible for Linux. Moreover, the Android OS developed by Google is also based on Linux. Linux Torvalds also created the Git, a free sourced community for the coders, one of the revolutions of coding world.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee inventor of The World Wide Web in 1989. He had written the three fundamental codes of HTML, URL, HTTP which are the base of today’s web. The first web browser and first web server were also created by him. Tim understand that the true potential of the World Wide Web and he knew that it changes the dimensions of the internet.

#2. Coding is for Everybody

Who says that coding is for the certain age group? Yuma Sorrento, an 11-year-old boy who developed an app tells a different story. He started to code at the tender age of 6 and created 5 apps for the AppStore. His latest creation is a Let’s Stack AR game where you will see ducks, stack blocks and even UFOs. Apple CEO Tim Cook has acknowledged the work of this talented young fella as well.

On the contrary, you can take the example of Masako Wakamiya, an 82-year-old Japanese lady who leaned coding last year. And, today she is the world’s oldest app developer.

#3. Coding promotes Equality

Folks, coding is a medium to spread the message of equality because a person of any age, gender and nationality can learn it. Do you know the first computer programmer was a woman? In 1842, Ada Lovelace, an English writer, and mathematician wrote the world’s first computer program for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine to calculate a sequence of Bernoulli numbers with a valid algorithm.

#4. Coding is a Job Skill

If you are newly graduated, or a job seeker who wants to switch career without any academic knowledge can learn to code. According to the Burning Glass report, in 2018, 7 million jobs in the programming sector will be claimed which is 12% growing fast than the average market.

#5. Coding is a Revolution

The biggest IT companies in the world, all started their founders in their garage or dorm rooms. This list includes; Amazon, Apple, Google, Disney, HP, Facebook, Microsoft, Reddit, WordPress, Dropbox. All these companies started with the small capital and lots of hard work and passion for the coding.

So, there you go people, coding is good and everyone should learn to step with the technology.

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