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If you are a developer, in today’s world of high excellence and lucrative programming tools, then having knowledge about the HTTP cookies is highly important for you. There knowledge is equally important like programming languages. They have made the life of developers and the users very simple and easy, so in this post, we will talk about cookies only.

HTTP Cookies

Okay, so in simpler words, the textual Information of any website is referred to as cookies. When you visit the website, then some information about that website is saved into your local system. So, that you can easily reload the website again or the system can show you the similar websites link for the future reference. Cookies have been used in the due course of Internet history in numerous ways and have been developed on different levels.

When you visit a web page, then you are requesting a server from that website. For a server, every request is unique and different. So, if you visit a website a hundred times, then each time new server request will be made. As the intensity of the request sends to the server are very high, it’s not logical to store every user information on the server. That’s maybe you won’t visit the site again or information gets redundant. So, to remember you, the server sends unique cookies to your local system to remember you quickly when you visit the website next time.

Cookies are unique to every server, so whenever you visit the same server again, the cookies of that server will automatically retrieve the information for you.

Development of Cookies

Cookies are developed by the developers to enhance the experience of the users. Developers want to give the best experience to their users and in this Cookies help them a lot. For example, if you have visited the website in the local language and you have changed its language preference to English. And, if you visit the same website five times a day, then you have to change the language preference every time. But, not with the cookies as they store the information in your local system and will always show you results in the English language only.


Well, initially cookies are designed to enhance the experience of the web users. But, with the advancements and the benefits of the cookies, we have numerous ways to offer the better resort to the web users. Today cookies are used from saving information to your local system to adding information to your cart. So, as the level of information is increasing rapidly, it became impossible to store all the information in the system of the user. That’s why developers decided to add advancements to them.

Now, if you visit a website, the website provides you with a cookie id which is uniquely recognizable by the server. This id is then linked to the database of the company where all your information is saved and then fetched from the database. In this manner, cookies can we manage more efficiently and effectively as compared to the other model of saving information in the system of the user.

Okay, you see if you wanted to properly browse on the Web this day and wanted to enjoy the quick speed of the Internet, then having the cookie is the best way to do that.

However, if you have any security concerns regarding the cookie, then you should be totally tension free because they are very safe and secure. So, if your favorite websites sent you a cookie request from the next time, then don’t hesitate to accept the request as it is for your own benefit.

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