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BackLinking Is Vital Part of SEO

Okay, so website owners you are now perfectly familiar with the SEO and it’s important for your business. But, fellas SEO is not only about keywords, SEO has numerous other parts that can help your business such as links.

Well, the blue highlighted link sign is a part of SEO trilogy and has great power also. The accurate utilization of links in your website can get you desired recognition on the Google index. Before discussing anything else let’s study the importance of links first.

The link is the address of any website on the internet and only with this, anyone can visit your website. The system of links works similarly like your house address. Suppose, your friend is first time visiting your home and you have given your house address to your friend. But, forget to put address plate outside your house. So, now how can your friend find out your home.

So, similarly, if your website isn’t linked properly, then how come anyone can locate it on the internet. That’s why to get discovered, navigated and popular on the search results, you need proper linking. And, mainly there are three types of links present.

– Internal Links

So, these links are present on your website. The internal linking helps in organizing the content of your website so that similar links are shown together. Based on linking styles and patterns, search engine bots and spiders will determine which of your pages are the most important and will index them based on these patterns.  

Internal linking helps in getting the higher page rank in the search engines also. And, this also helps in shifting the traffic of your one webpage to another. A perfect internal linking can increase your time on page rate also.

– External Links

Okay, so external link referred to the links of other websites.  They are also sometimes called outgoing links as they connect your website to other websites. In this trick, you simply have to connect links to similar websites with your website, so that you both can share traffic with one another.

This is a very organic way to generate leads and get higher page ranking. But, while selecting outgoing links for your website make sure that the quality of other websites is the best. Because the quality of outgoing links can cause a problem for you also.

– Incoming Links

This is the most important kind of linking, in which other websites connect with your website’s link. They are important because by this search engines gets an idea of your website’s popularity and which ultimately equals to high page ranking. Getting incoming links isn’t an easy task and you can’t even do much to get them also. It all depends on the popularity of your website in the end.

How To Monitor Links?

To monitor the performance of your internal and outgoing links numerous tools are available in the market. But, these tools won’t determine the performance of the incoming link. So, folks take linking seriously and pay equal attention to all the three types linking to the success of your business.

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