Everything that you want to know about iphone8 and iphone X 2017


Excited about new iphone 8 and iPhone X?

Why not. Apple always creates this excitement around iPhone and in this post, you will learn all that you want to know about iPhone.

Happened at Steve Jobs Theater. and this was the first time that this theater is being used. This was the last project that Steve worked on. The moment you take Steve’s name on stage, it brings back the awesomeness of Steve and his incredible presentation.

Iphone comes with iPhone and iPhone plus, comes in silver, space gray and gold finish. Stereo speaker with A11 bionic chip. But hey apple, where is bezel less display. Perhaps we took the expectation too high. Everything faster and thiner. 12MP camera in iPhone and iPhone plus. The plus version has a telephoto lens.

Supports Bluetooth 5 and finally Wireless charging. I think this is the only good thing that they came up in this year.

699$ for iPhone 8.
I will pass this time apple.

Coming to iPhone X.

iPhone 10 aka iPhone X is just like what you have seen in rumors.

It has got a Super retina display. Means more color accuracy. No more Home button as it has a got edge to edge display. Swipe from bottom to up and it’s now a replacement of home button.

What about Unlocking?

Did you thought to Face detection? Yep, it’s face detection.

So, if you were panicked about your finger print going to apple, now it will be your face. Although they say that nothing is going to apple server but I am little ehhhh about it.


Animojis aka animated emojis. I think this is the most amazing thing and my favorite thing in this entire event. Yes, animated poop animoji is a real thing.

Yes, it does support wireless charging.

Final words,

Steve Jobs, we are missing your creativity. While the apps are increasing in quality every day and with amazing games but that charm of iPhone is somehow getting a little low.

Apple, please don’t go like BlackBerry.

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