How to be a Fast Programmer Guide


The trick to being a Fast Programmer:

If you are a programmer or you have a programmer friend, then you must be familiar with the deadline trauma. Almost every programmer complaints about the short timelines and how that affects their coding. Programmers complaints that due to the pressure of a deadline, they won’t be able to give their 100% creativity to the project. Well, that’s true programmers normally have to work on short timelines.

But, have you ever considered that maybe deadline isn’t short or maybe you are a slow developer. Maybe you are not fast enough to write the code in given time. You being a slow doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable or you have slow typing speed. This actually means that you are not fast enough to think quickly. Because, when you have a basic idea of coding, then it hardly took any time to write it.

So, to be a fast programmer you need to sharp your thinking skills and nourish your brain cells. That’s why to enlarge your creative side and increase your thinking capacity we have few tricks in store.  By following these tricks you can improve your thinking skills very promptly.

  1. Understand.

    The proper knowledge and understanding of each and every symbols and sign is very important. Because half of the time programmers got stuck as they don’t know the real meaning of symbols. So, before diving into any programming language understand the meaning of (, ), [, ], {, }, +, *, and % symbols.

  2. Draw up.

    Some programmers can’t store too many thoughts in their mind at once. So, they became confused and their thought process gets disturbed. To avoid this confusion, programmers should draw the coding structure, so that they can refer to it when they feel lost.

  3. Beginning.

    For some people starting the code, the structure is a very difficult step.  They don’t know where to start writing. So, for those startup freaks I have a trick, always write about the function of which you are 100% sure. Doesn’t matter it is a big or small function, just work on it and later part will automatically come to you.

  4. Skipping step.

    Sometimes skipping steps while coding also affects your performance. You need to perform each and every coding function step by step for better results. For example, let’s say our Bike object depends on the Wheels, Pedals, and Frame objects. If you try to skip any of these classes, then you will definitely go to miss them a lot.

  5. Personal Problem.

    Every individual reacts differently under pressure and that affects their thought process. Some people get nervous under pressure and they have a panic attack. Which can impact their performance in writing down the codes?

  6. Distraction.

    When a programmer gets distracted easily by any sound or anything, then their performance also affects.

  7. Low self-esteem.

    The programmer who doesn’t have confidence in his abilities also suffers from lack of ideas. The solution to this problem is simple, whenever you are uncertain about something, learn more about it until you become certain enough to write code.

So, programmers are little faster by opting these methods and improve your coding skills.

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