Fine Line Difference Between React Native & ReactJS


Which one is better React Native or ReactJS?

react native vs reactjsReact Native is freshly blooming technology and has somehow already captured the one-fourth part of app development. The react achieved tremendous response solely because of its iOS and Android code share base feature. The few app developers are using this contributor to create desktop apps also. That’s why new app developers are interested in quickly learning of it. Thus LearnCodeOnline React Native Video Course is getting so much hype.

Well, in many ways React Native is compared with the ReactJS. And, numerous people assume them as one component. But, in reality, ReactJS and React Native are totally apart from each other. It will be stupidity to relate both terms. So, to clear the clouds of confusion we have drawn a fine line difference between the React Native and ReactJS.

Starting A New Project

Okay, so React Native is full functional framework whereas ReactJS is a mere JavaScript library to insert in your website. So, when you start a new project with the ReactJS, then you required bundler like Webpack. And, later you have to design bundling module for your project. But, nothing much happens with the react native as everything is already sorted with it.

It offers developers line terminal command already designed and ready to implement. You can start running native apps using the  ES6, some ES7 features, and even a few polyfills.

DOM Model & CSS Styling

React Native doesn’t render app codes in the HTML, as it provides alternative components in that case. These react native components describes the actual iOS and Android user interface. Most of these components can be related to the HTML, such as View component is similar to a div tag, and a Text component is similar to a p tag.

So, none of your components is rendered with the HTML, then you can’t reuse them with ReactJS library. That’s a downside. But, to style component in the react native requires stylesheet in JavaScript. Which may seem similar to the CSS styling, but it isn’t. So, this confuses the hell out of users in the beginning.

Animation & Gestures

With the React Native you have to totally forget the CSS animation, as react native offers the different approach. In the React Native, Animated API provided by React-Native is used to create animation. You can compare it to the famous Javascript library Velocity.js. For the gestures, React Native uses the similar approach as JavaScript where web API called PanResponder is used.

Easy Navigation

Okay, to shift between the screen in the react native instead of looking for alternative react router always use Navigation components. As this is more easy and functional.


To publish your app created with reacting native framework required Xcode for the iOS App Store and Android Studio for Google Play Store.

Bottom Line

React Native is a very powerful framework and has the capability to create complicated UI like ReactJS. If you are trying to shift from ReactJS to React Native then this going to be relatively easy for you. Moreover, to make React Native learning fun, React Native Course is started by the LearnCodeOnline.

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