Five Apps that every Job Hunter should use to Create Resume


Dynamic Resume Is Key For Dynamic Jobs

Okay, so if you are a young college graduate or an aspiring job seeker, then you know the value of a good resume. A good resume can open up numerous high paying job opportunities for you and on the other hand, a bad resume can shut down gates of your future.

So, to succeed you need a good resume and for that, you need a professional resume writer. Now, guys, for a high powered resume, you don’t have to hire a high paying resume writer. When your work can be done with the help of few cool resume writing apps.

Yep, there are plenty of interesting apps available to create a stunning resume. The following apps can create a super powerful resume for you in just a few clicks.

#1. Easy Resume Creator Pro

Easy Resume Creator Pro is actually a pro resume designer app. The app closely observes your credibility and then create resume according to it. The wizard driven process of the app creates a resume based on your level of experience and on your preferred resume type.

The app has different templates of resume according to your fields, such as IT and engineering fields. So, you can pick a template or resume as per your career field. The full version of the app is available for $34.59, but the free trial version of the app is also present in the market.

#2. JobTabs Free Resume Builder

Well, the highlighters of JobTabs Free Resume Builder app is that it is totally free and simple to use. Despite being a free app this software has some far better options as compared to the paid one. Moreover, the user interface of the JobTabs is very simple and sleek.

This app allows the user to create various resume styles. And, mainly the app includes a nice thesaurus, with an onscreen verb list for easy reference. For example, the Communications Skills section lists words such as composed and clarified.

#3. Career Igniter Resume Builder

This is a yet another simple and free resume creator. For the people who are in the beginning phase of their career, this app is perfect for them. As it doesn’t include heavy functions and confusing features. Easy tabbed browser field of the Career Igniter is a very easy to navigate.

So, if you want a simple and short resume at the beginning of your career, then the Career Igniter Resume Builder is a good option. But, if you are looking for multiple templates, then this isn’t your app.

#4.  All-Purpose Resumes

It is a lightweight app with the limited features.  All-Purpose Resumes includes a form which you can fill out with your information and it also provides a sample of resume, cover letter and thank you notes. The app is very light and you can get its paid versions for $15.

#5. Multimedia Resume Maker

This is a bit modern resume app that allows you to add words, photos, videos and music to your resume. This app is a good option for the creative professionals like authors and painters. The full version of Multimedia Resume Maker is available for $39, but you can download the trial version for free.

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