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Whenever we visit a website containing different cool snippers, then it always amazes us and leaves a long-term effect on our minds. So, if you want similar WAO! factor for your website, then you have plenty of custom websites available who offer snippets for free like gifs.

But, what if you want to create your own customized snipper using CSS and SVG? Well, in that case, you don’t have to do much, just simply read this post and we will provide you the list of free snipper providers for your webpage. So, cool right, then let’s don’t waste time and read the list ahead.

#1. Various CSS Spinners

This is a collection of few seriously cool CSS snippers designed by developer Iulian Savin. You will find numerous animated styles with this loader to play with, such as rotating in a circle, animated bar and the Pong style animated feature is super amazing.

You can easily copy/paste these loaders to your website. Moreover, this loader is available on the Github also as copying it using Codepen is far more easy and convenient.

#2. Eclipse Spinner

Are you a fan of space and thunder lighting? Then, this loader has lots of things to offer you. Trust us the thunderbolt lighting and space environment created by Eclipse Spinner is out of this world.

The spinner is available in little HTML and it can be even more shorten with the help of Haml templating. You can compile the Haml and Sass code into plain HTML/CSS if that’s easier for you to customize too.

#3. Super Simple CSS Spinner

Well, if simplicity is your thing, then the Super Simple CSS Spinner is designed for you. The creator Thomas Mandelid defines the power of rotating around and around with this snipper.

The very basic CSS code is used in this snipper that can be used in any kind of the website. It is not the most stylish snipper, but it is something which required minimum changes and coding. So, as we have said earlier this is for simple folks.

#4. Beaulti Circle

Okay, so crazy and stylish circles are the theme of Beaulti Circle. The design of the spinner is fascinating and can easily hook you with it. And, you will become more fan of this cool circle thingy, when you know that it is purely designed using CSS and HTML.

For corporate or business uses, some might find it little flashy, but contrasting the circles with lighter colors can work for corporate purpose website also.

#5. Pure CSS Spinners

Just like the name developer Mark Kahn has designed a full techie and radical spinner. It is the palate of colors, where you can play with different colors and customize the color of your spinner in numerous rainbow shades. This technical snipper is for designed for pure enjoyment purpose. Moreover, the dark black theme works very finely with this snipper.

So, web developers don’t settle for boring snippers, when you can create plenty of cool customized snipper for free. That’s why try out freeloading snipper snippets and spice it up your dull webpage.

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