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Data Charts Are Cool

The web design is a creative area which provides plenty of graphics and animated oriented tools. In web design, a person can create something unique with the various graphs, charts, and other visual effects. Moreover, the creative independence provided by the CSS 3 codes is beyond words.

And, like an extra icing on the cake, the open source libraries have created a very revolutionary environment in the web design industry. For the front end, graphical features JavaScript is considered as the best tool. So, if you are thinking of inserting informational charts to your website, then following free JavaScript chart libraries are for you:


HTML 5 is the future of web development and Chart.js is one of the few open source libraries that supports HTML 5. This library is a fine choice for creating any kind of visual effects like charts, graphs, and other visual effects. Chart.js is a very powerful library in which everything is rendered on HTML 5.

Graphs rendered onto an HTML5 canvas allow for hover tooltips and click events to access more information about charted data. With this library, you can create different pie charts, bar charts, radar charts, etc. Moreover, open source of this library is freely available on the Github with the live example. So, just implement it and enjoy your crazy charted ride.


Well, the next contender on the list would be jqPlot. This library enables you to embed graphical images in the form of statistical data. This chart can be easily updated with the help of Ajax which means no need to refresh the webpage every time. Few charts also have hover options.

The jqPlot is very nice library although the style of the chart is quite bland and required little TLC to get it ready for your layout. But, overall jqPlot is very dynamic and function library.


Super easy and simple to understand library. You can easily navigate on its official website which means documentation and tutorials of the Chartist.js is even easier. Evert chart of the library is very responsive and be easily customized. It works on the SVG framework which means for new browsers this library is a boom. Whereas, some old browsers might not able to upload few ultra advance animated features of the library.


Looks can be deceiving and this very library proves this fact. Like, from the outside it might appear that this library only presents HTML data. But, in reality, it converts tabular data into the graphical form. That’s very interesting.

This is actually a jQuery plugin which operates on the other library called Highcharts. In line to activate this library, you required installing two other dependencies. Then you can set up an HTML table and convert the design into a fully-fledged chart. For this, you can check the live demo of the library.


This library is for the ultra users who want some extra visual effects. This library is based on the D3.js for rendering dynamic graphics and animations. It’s easy to add your data to the xCharts┬álibrary.

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