Future of Indian Gaming Industry!


Introduction to Indian gaming industry:

The digital market has been day by day blooming in the Indian market and numerous related industries are also growing with this, such as gaming industry. Indian gaming industry isn’t new or developing as it has been in the market since 1999. But, still it is limited to the few rich folks, but now with the smartphone revolution in the India, the gaming industry has also got one major boost. Every time you look at the smartphone utilization in the Indian society, every time the data will amaze you. India is the second largest populated country surely has a tremendous number of smartphone users.  This all because the availability of smartphone between the $50-$500 that surges the smartphone purchase in the India.

India ranked fifth globally by game downloads, jumping two places up the rankings compared to the same quarter in the previous year. It is expected to surpass both Russia and Brazil in the coming years. The gaming sector of the India is increasing very rapidly with more utilization of smartphone by the Indians and need to develop entertaining games is increasing also. If we talk about the global gaming industry revenue, then we will found that  $100 billion revenues are generated in the gaming industry, out of which mobile gaming generated $37 billion revenue in 2016 and India ranked 19th with estimated revenues of $523 million, a meagre 1.6% share market value of the global gaming industry. The statistics show that the Indian gaming industry is at an inflection point and going to surge high.

Local gaming players!

The concept of gaming isn’t new in the India and surely the concept had been too vast like today, but it was there. The old folks of the Indian gaming industry are companies such as Nazara and Indiagames which were found in early 1999. In mid-2000, few new names in Indian gaming industry were heard such as  Games2win, Maujmobile, Ace2three, Rummycircle, and Zapak were founded and all attracted venture money at some stage with Indiagames getting acquired by Walt Disney. With the smartphone usage companies like, as Octro, Moonfrog Labs are successfully tapping into India’s urge to play casino games such as Teen Patti and Rummy whereas companies such as Playsimple are trying to capture the imagination of the global audience with games such as GuessUp. 99Games tapping into Bollywood popularity by creating celebrity themed games such as Dhoom -3 and Sultan. These are few big names of Indian gaming industry that are developing it day by day.

Future gaming trends in India:

  • Indians have huge money, but still, they are reluctant to spend it on the games to buy. So Indian gaming industry will have more freemium category games to enhance the Indian fan base.
  • With the availability of cheap cardboard VR headsets more virtual reality based fans will be seen in future.
  • PaaS is opening opportunities for Indian gaming startups to build games within the shortest possible time span, without worrying about the infrastructure and that will surge it more.
  • The more game in purchase options can be seen in the games to encourage users to play more by paying more.

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