Future of JAVA & as a JAVA Developer


What future holds for Java?

The future is always uncertain, but still from the few present and past factors we can assume some fragments of future through them. In the history, few invention got a tremendous success, more than ever anyone expected and JAVA is one of these inventions. The Java was developed as a general purpose computer programming language. But the high tech features of the Java makes it the first preference of the web developers. The ” Write once, run anywhere ” feature of the Java suits very well and with minimum work Java can run on any leading platform.

Java is everywhere, the Java can be found on the every leading platform at any corner of the world. The easily adapting to any other platform makes the future of the Java bright. The Java is mainly used in developing smart card applications, mobile applications, or server-side enterprise applications. The Java has the best qualities of the programming language with great compressive sets of APIs. The Java is derived from the C and C++ languages, which makes it more compact.

Future of the Java is very bright and prosperous, as all the leading Android software’s and applications are Java based. The Java was the first choice of the leading smartphone company BlackBerry for the writing applications in it. The Java is a holy language of the today’s web developers and the features of Java are so dynamic, that this language is going nowhere in the long run. The Java is here to stay, so for the bright future get acquaintance with it.


The auspicious future of the Java developers:

We have already established that Java is a great programming language, but what makes it greater is the developer who runs this powerful language. The success of Java depends on the success of the Java developer and trust me on that the future as a Java developer is very illuminating. The Java developers have bright future in the following streams:

– the IT sector is totally based on the Java and the booming IT sector all over the world offers numerous high paying jobs in the JavaScript every year. So, being a java developer you have a great scope in the IT sector.

– the mobile application market is also always in search of the competent Java developers to construct dynamic applicants for the smartphone. As we have already discussed that Android applications are thoroughly Java based.

– the Java has very wide range, the middleware (Hadoop) also falls under the wide range of the Java. So, Java is like salt which can be found anywhere and can function on any platform.

– for the freelance web developers, Java is very helpful as plenty of freelance work is available for the Java developers.


Final Verdict:

To summarize the whole context, I can proudly say that the future of the Java & Java developers is very shining. A Java is going to be here for more few decades unless something as powerful as Java is developed, which is not an easy task and that’s why Java developers have their head deep stuck in the workload and money. So, adopt Java and utilize the benefits of this charming language.


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