What has Future Stored up for the Upcoming Programmers?


Fast & Furious Technology Trends

Have you ever tried to hit the bullseye? If yes, then you must know that how hard it is to hit dart in the perfect center of the darting board. And, now imagine the level of difficulty, if the board constantly keeps on moving. That’s going to be some tough nail.

So, now replace the board with the fast and furiously changing technology trends on which dart as in programmers always try to hit the nail. But, only a few fellow programmers who can keep their pace with the evolving technology, can hit the bullseye.

That’s why to be a futuristic programmer, closely observe the technology because technology has a tendency to change in a blink of an eye. So, programmers according to the very fresh technology trends following things are rolling on the top.

#1. CPUs are replaced with GPUs

GPU'sGone are the times, when we discuss the characteristics of CPU in our box. No, now the world is more focusing on graphics and interface. The importance of GPU can be seen from the fact that today a CPU can be bought for $200. Whereas, for a GPU card, you have to spend a whopping amount of $500-$600.

Gamers are already shifting towards the GPUs and rest of the world is slowly catching on it.

#2. The database will be more powerful

Well, that’s because the database is not going to be number cruncher and storage unit in the future. The role of the database will be more Sophisticated and Powerful in the future. The database system will generate engine reports and sophisticated algorithms. So, the database is going to be more meaningful in upcoming periods.

#3. JavaScript is going to be everywhere

JavaScript is already a permanent resident of the programmers and their clients work desk. But, in the future, the role of JavaScript is going to be more prominent.

Once the only way to a smartphone was to write code in the native language demanded by the manufacturer: Objective-C for the iPhone; Java for Android; C# for Microsoft. But, JavaScript has replaced everything and now all the codes can be written in JavaScript. So, yeah, programmers adores JavaScript and in future, they are even going to more love it.

#4. Tornado of Android

Today, we can see Android UI everywhere, Android is in refrigerators, cars, stereos, headphones etc. So, yeah, Android UI might have numerous haters due to its complexity, but, still Android is everywhere. It is so much deep-rooted that Windows PC developers are now threatened by it.

Thus they are trying to design Android-based Windows system which allows users to open all their Android apps. So, we can say that this tornado of Android is going to be more stubborn in the future.

#5. WordPress apps have everything

Now, if anyone is designing their website from the scratch, then we can call him a fool. Because why to develop a website from the scratch when you have WordPress plugins for that task.

Today, we got WordPress plugins for every task and if you are feeling more adventurous, then you can hack WordPress plugins and mold them. So, web design is not possible without WordPress in the future.

Well, programmers future revolves around open source, plugins, and command lines, so keep following trends and keep excelling in your career.

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