How To Get Optimum Benefit From A Slider?


Perfect Manner To Design A Slider

Normally, whenever the term slider is mentioned we relate it to the image gallery or word slides. But, if we properly use the slider, then it has deeper benefits. One can get tremendous benefits from the functions and features of the slider. And, in this post, we are going to discuss all those ways to drive better results from the sliders.

The slider is a very fine tool to present complexed data in the graphical manner that can be easily understood. With the fine tools of the slider, you can create price range sliders, 360-degree-view sliders, timeline sliders, health insurance quote calculators, or build-your-own-mobile-plan features. The good slider has potential to get you one high paying project.

That’s why it is very important for everyone to understand the right way to use the slider. And, in this post, we will disclose some of the facts related to a perfect slider.

When to make a slider?

Before creating a slider, you need to establish the fact that whether the slider is a solution for you or not. Usually, the slider is used to compare two different figures and find information between two figures. Such as, in e-commerce websites sliders, are used to find products in the desired price range. Like, if you want products between $50-$100, then simply adjust slider between both figures and result for slider will be interpreted.

Thus if you want to compute information between two figures for your problem. Then, creating slider will helps you to great extent.

Different Types of Sliders

Well, the work of slider is pretty simple, but still, there are different types of sliders available for the particular job.


The work of this slider is to search single value from the collection of different values. Like, calculating the mortgage rate for 2012 from the mortgage calculator of past 20 years. In this position of the thumb indicates the current value and it changes with the sliding of the thumb. So, it works pretty easily.


Discrete sliders allow only predetermined value to slide. For example, your cellular operates might be offering only a couple of predefined mobile data plans.


In this slider, two sliders are created one with the maximum slider and another with the minimum slider. Thus dual slider provides information between those two sliders only. In some cases, a dual discrete slider is also the user to fix predetermined value between two sliders.

Things to consider before designing a Slider

After fixing the need for the slider following things should be considered first before designing slider:

  • The space required for slider should be fixed.
  • Type of slider should be determined by a single or double slider. The further decision between discrete or continuous slider should be made.
  • Design of thumb, the track, and the labels must be mapped out.
  • Next, the scale of the slider between linear or nonlinear should be considered.
  • Other things that need to be considered before designing slider are like the icon for the thumb, labels for lower and upper boundary sliders, value display etc.

So, you see guys a simple slider can change the manner of data presentation. That never takes slider designing an unimportant task.

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