Github vs Résumé: Which is more helpful for Ambitious Programmer?


Rope the perfect job:

Every young aspiring programmer is always looking for a perfect job opportunity. The job which let them be creative and provide the chance to grow. But, today there’s a lot of competition has been prevailing in the programming industry. So, it is a very hard for new programmers to get their first gig. Moreover, this intense competition leads to the formation of new digital tools.

A new tool has been introduced in the market to gain more employment opportunities. And for the programmers, Github is that new tool, which has gained a tremendous boost in last few years. The platform has been generated to give programmers a glitch to grow and showcase their work to the world.

What exactly is a Github?

Well, if you are a new programmer and desperately searching for your next big project, then you might hear of a Github. But, if you haven’t, then let me introduce you with Github. It is a social platform, where programmers can write down their codes and interested employers can view their coding. This is a platform where potential companies can hire programmers by seeing their coding.

As companies can check the performance of programmers before hiring them, that gives the idea about the person. Moreover, in today’s digital world hiring and finding employment get way easier.  Github is a very rapidly trending among developers and programmers as it has numerous amazing features. Apart from showcasing your work Github offers plenty of other functions, such as:

#Github is a double-edged sword. In this unique platform, the programmer can showcase their work to interested candidates to see. And this platform also works as a social media platform for programmers and employers to interact. New aspirants can communicate with professionals and receives healthy notes from them.

#Github tracks down your every move. That mean employer can look at every move of programmer and can guide them. This is a very good function for employers as they can keep a close tab on the performance of their programmer.

#Github provides a digital portfolio for a programmer. Programmers can create their dynamic digit portfolio on Github and can share it with potential clients. Programmers can attach their coding samples and other details to make the portfolio cooler.

Is Github eating traditional resume!

This question must be coming in your mind right now. That old way of making resume has been replaced with Github. But, guys old is always well tested and proven. Github maybe new dynamic method, but it still has some limitations. As you can’t check someone’s academic knowledge and personality via a Github. So, that’s why Github is nowhere near abolishing traditional resume method. Because still, one impressive Resume has potential to nail you new project easily.

The Verdict; Github or Resume

Have you guys heard the term “More the merrier”? Yep, so why not take the advantage of both Github and Resume. Well, I mean why to a choice between one when you can equally utilize them. In short ripe, the fruit from both Github and Resume, as both are very best and don’t let slide them. So, take benefit from both Github and Resume to grow your career.

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